Hanover Bank Building

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Hanover Bank Building
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical architecture
LocationNew York City
Coordinates40°42′28″N 74°00′38″W / 40.7078°N 74.0105°W / 40.7078; -74.0105Coordinates: 40°42′28″N 74°00′38″W / 40.7078°N 74.0105°W / 40.7078; -74.0105
Construction started1901
Construction stopped1903

The Hanover Bank Building or Hanover National Bank Building was an early skyscraper at the southwest corner of Pine Street and Nassau Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It was built in 1901-1903 and demolished in 1931.


Construction of the Hanover Bank Building began in 1901[1] and was completed in 1903. It had 22 floors and was 385 feet (117 m) tall. It was next to the Banker's Trust Building on 14 Wall Street. The building, like many of its contemporaries, was built in neoclassical style, richly decorated.

Bankers Trust acquired the building in 1929,[2] and it was demolished in 1931 to make way for the expansion of 14 Wall.[3][4]


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