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Mmuseumm 1, Season 4. 2015
Mmuseumm 1, Season 4. 2015

Mmuseumm is a modern natural history museum located in lower Manhattan in New York City, dedicated to its signature curatorial style of "Object Journalism" and draws parallels to the older cabinet of curiosities model.[1][2]


The Mmuseumm was founded by Alex Kalman[3][4] and the Safdie brothers.[5][6] It curates its content and locations by "seasons", reflective of its original summer hours,[7] and has called two locations on Cortlandt Alley between Franklin Street and White Street, sometimes known as Mmuseumm Alley, home.[8] Mmuseumm is dedicated to the curation and exhibition of contemporary artifacts[9] to illustrate the modern world.

Mmuseumm's first wing, Mmuseumm 1, opened in 2012 in a former elevator shaft. The second wing, Mmuseumm 2, opened in 2015 three doors down. The museum, which totals 36 square feet,[10] is accessible 24 hours a day via peepholes in its door.[11]

Mmuseumm 2, Season 1. Sara Berman's Closet with Maira Kalman. 2015


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