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Possibly, all the way back from 2010 to 2012, Jack began dating a Korean girl he got interested in and found online. They were both in different locations, so it was hard for them to closely communicate. Afterwards, after several months to a couple of years, he finally got enough money to meet his girlfriend in Korea. They eventually broke up, though the details of the event have never been disclosed.

From early-2015 to August 2018, he had a girlfriend named Signe Hansen (pronounced "sig-neh") from Denmark, whose YouTube channel is Wiishu. She is a digital artist and has often posted fanart of Jack on her Tumblr. At a PAX panel Q&A, Jack stated that he met Signe because she was a fan of his. They started talking on Tumblr and became friends, and eventually started a romantic relationship.

Signe joined Jack and some of his friends - Bob, Wade, and Molly - in his Revelmode charity stream on Twitch when they were playing Overwatch, has been mentioned in a vlog and can be seen in the background with Jack in PewDiePie's PAX 2016 vlog and has a few videos up on her own channel. On February 11th, 2017, for Valentines Day, Signe released a couples' special on her channel. After the video, Jack appeared in several more of her videos. In November 2015, Signe moved in with Jack, and the two lived together in Brighton, UK. On October 9, 2018, Jack announced that he and Signe separated and went their own path. He posted to his Twitter that it was "not an easy decision to make".

On March 15, 2019, it was announced via photos on their respective social media accounts that Seán is in a relationship with Dutch YouTuber Evelien "Gab" Smolders (Formerly known as GirlGamerGab).

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Seán William[edit]

In Sean’s most recent video, he said he wants the Wikipedia page to remove William from his name Hatryrhodk (talk) 20:07, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[]

So? Wikipedia doesn't necessarily care about what the subject of an article wants. We add and change information based off of available reliable secondary sources. If the sources change to not include "William" (or no sources have William as part of his name) then it can be removed. ― Blaze The WolfTalkBlaze Wolf#0001 14:28, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[]
Wikipedia:Help desk#Policy on birth names is relevant to this discussion. Just informing everyone here. There I note that several sources use his full name but I'm still not sure if it can be removed on privacy grounds or for any other policy reason yet. Alduin2000 (talk) 14:37, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[]
I was going to ask at WT:BLP or WP:BLPN but I actually think that policy already covers this case. WP:BLPPRIVACY states Wikipedia includes full names and dates of birth that have been widely published by reliable sources, or by sources linked to the subject such that it may reasonably be inferred that the subject does not object to the details being made public. This gives two scenarios in which full names can be included:
  1. They have been widely published by reliable sources
  2. They have been released by sources linked to the subject such that it may reasonably be inferred that the subject does not object to the details being made public
Firstly, McLoughlin's full name has been covered by multiple reliable sources including The Irish Times [1][2][3], Irish Examiner [4][5], and Irish Independent [6]. Secondly, McLoughlin does not object to his middle name being published on privacy grounds (which makes WP:BLPPRIVACY irrelevant in terms of excluding the name) but on the grounds that he doesn't identify with the name. This is not a good enough reason to exclude the information when weighed against Wikipedia's duty to inform its readers about the reliably sourced information on a topic or person. As such, I'm going to re-add the middle name. Please discuss here if there are any policy-based disagreements about this. Thanks. Alduin2000 (talk) 16:23, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[]


The article currently states that McLoughlin was born in Cloghan, County Offaly. There is some support for this in the reliable sources; for example, in this article there are sources by the Westmeath Independent [7], Irish Examiner [8], and IrishCentral [9] which state this. However, the source currently supporting the statement in the Early life section says "Florrie wanted to set the record straight that Seán only resided in Athlone for a while but it isn’t his hometown. That can be claimed by Ballycumber."[10] Some other reliable sources state that he is from Ballycumber, County Offaly, including The Times [11], The Irish Times [12], Irish Independent [13], and TenEighty [14]. For now I'm going to change the sentence to just say that he was born in County Offaly just to be safe as all sources agree on that at least. Does anyone know if McLoughlin himself has said where he was born as it seems that he would be the authoritative source on this? Previously there was this video also supporting the statement but he only says that he grew up in Cloghan in it - he could have moved there shortly after birth so I don't think this is good enough to support the claim. Thanks. Alduin2000 (talk) 16:33, 25 September 2021 (UTC)[]

Semi-protected edit request on 26 September 2021[edit]

Change all instances of Seán William McLoughlin to Seán McLoughlin

Seán recently stated in a video that he doesn’t use his middle name William for anything and doesn’t understand why it is associated with him and would like everyone to drop the William from his name.

<ref> At 2:30 mark

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 Not done for now: please establish a consensus for this alteration before using the {{edit semi-protected}} template. There is an active discussion about this above. —Sirdog (talk) 06:45, 26 September 2021 (UTC)[]