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I've begun a revision of Egyptian language which is incomplete (but the previous version is still at the bottom) because I am an amateur person interested in Egyptology, and having a single paragraph on what is still the longest known recorded language is rather silly (in my opinion).

I've also fixed Marburg, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan because I find Fourth Level Infectious diseases rather fascinating (although deadly).


When are the scheduled mainenance times for the server? I have been unable to access wikipedia frmo when I get home, 3:00PM EST, to 5:45PM EST every day now for the last week. What's up w/ the server?

I've just revised the pages relating to the Library of Congress classification and set up a number of sub-pages to show the sub-classes of each letter class. The term is properly a title used by the Library of Congress itself, and as such should have a capital "C" on "Classification" but I do not view that as a difference that is serious enough to merit a series of redirects. Admitedly, I was inconsistent myself until I came to the conclusion that it was a title. I am, however, redirecting from the term "catalog scheme" and would request that the main page be amended to reflect that. ---user:Eclecticology

The main page seems to have either been vandalised or is subject to some strange bug, as of 08 Feb 2002 13:18 GMT - Alex D. Baxter

Soemthing to do with cacheing: recent changes sometimes reports the wrong edit, too, which might be related. Reediting (no actual change) flushes the cache so we get the proper page, I think, - User:Malcolm Farmer

Hello? If anybody reads this, has anybody else realised that the home page is completely unprotected? Vandals, having read the bit at the bottom about 'this page is read-only because of vandalism', will probably see the 'edit right now' link and delete the whole front page. Can't someone read-only it??? - Mark Ryan

Don't worry too much about it, Mark. The home page has been unprotected for most of Wikipedia's existence. If someone vandalized it, we just restored it from the history two seconds later. It was only read-only for about a month. Anyway, Jimbo will protect it shortly, I suspect. --Stephen Gilbert

Can someone with admin access fix the accented chars in the list of international wikis? They presumably got broken during the time entities were fubar'd. Should be Català, Français, Portugês. --Brion Vibber

Fixed. Home Page is unprotected, BTW. --Magnus Manske
Really? Guess I figured that had already been fixed... In retrospect, I must have read the bit at the end about it being protected as an actual message from the software. Someone should probably make it true again. Anyway, thanks! --BV

Archived old talk to Old comments

Parapsychology should be removed from the main page. It is far too controversial and too exotic to make sense in the first level of a directory. Let's use the space for something more important.

I have linked parapsychology from psychology and pseudoscience, and soon protoscience, to ensure that it is well-linked prior to removal from the front page.

New Topics has more or less been supplanted by the New Pages link on the right hand side, so we probably don't need that link any more --Malcolm Farmer

Front page has had a whole bunch of categories that belong there removed. Somebody with administrator priviliges should fix it.

I just did, and I'm not an administrator: it needs to be locked. Dreamyshade

Hmmm. I notice we invite people to upload a file on the front page. Is this wise? --Robert Merkel

I don't think it is wise. We certainly don't want new users to wildly start uploading stuff before they have gotten a feeling for the place. I'll remove it. --AxelBoldt

I want to add the Slovene wikipedia link to the front page and also add that we now have over 25,000 articles, but I can't. --Chuck Smith

Done. --Brion VIBBER 2002/03/26

To someone that can edited the Main Page, should the link to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games be removed since it ended a while ago? And should a link to Operation Anaconda be a good idea? - Peter Winnberg

We need more people with Main Page access for the aforementioned reasons...I'd consider opening it to registered users if possible. --The Cunctator

  • I would still be a little more restrictive than that. Perhaps the requirement might be that the person has 1. Been registered for a reasonable predetermined, 2. Achieved a predetermined amount of contribution, and 3. Shown by the nature of his contibutions that he is not a vandal, nut-case or other seriously undesirable individual. The first two involve fairly objective criteria; the third may be a matter of some debate.
  • I agree. There are only around 1500 people registered and we need to have some broader way to get people to participate. Personally, I am not registered because I see no reason to, I do not see the need to take credit for anything. If the main page was editable, we would get the people who wanted to do something productive doing it, while the vandals will still remain magnitudes less than before.

  • Could somebody add a link to April Fool's Day on the front page? If somebody wants to pull a hoax as well, all well and good :) --Robert Merkel

    Regarding the Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia, the part in brackets should probably read (srpski-hrvatski) Eclecticology

    Well, for that matter the Slovenian Wikipedia should be at (ess ell), not (ess eye), which is the language code for Sinhalese. Brion VIBBER
    Yes, the guy who had wrongly started Slovene Wikipedia was me. I've read Peterlin's note and your answer about a mistake so I've decided to move all current articles from to, so *.si would be loosen for Sinhalese language. Please correct after that a new link to Slovene Wikipedia in the main page. Would it be enough, Brion, to move that pages to a new adress or do I have to do something else? My apology. XJam [2002.06.03}} 1 Monday (0)
    All done. All pages beginning with si.wikipedia... can now be deleted. I left only the main page unblank just to inform readers that all had been moved to correct place. XJam [2002.06.03}} 1 Monday (1st ed)

    Shouldn't the Hugo Chavez Coup be on the front page? Some might consider it at least as important as the Queen Mum's passing away.

    • Add it to Current Events for now, and poke someone with a sysop password to modify the main page. -- April

    On April 19th, a lot of extra unnecesary <p>'s were added, probably accidently. -- Eean

    Isn't it time to move Winter Olympics 2002 off the main page? Vicki Rosenzweig

    (diff) Main Page; 15:44 (4 changes) . . . The Cunctator [*Trying to update the cached version...?]

    Cunctator: could you please please PLEASE describe what exactly prompted you to resave the page here? Was it completely blank? Partially blank? "Describe the new page here."? An old version? Which old version? Were there any error messages? A possible fix for pages turning into "Describe the new page here." is in CVS, but it would be nice to know if that's the same problem you're fighting here or if there are more things to track down. Thanks! --Brion VIBBER, Monday, May 13, 2002
    Brion, the page was old (several weeks old). I saw the same thing yesterday a couple of times (that's why I repeatedly saved). I checked with SQL access: cur_text was ok, but the cached version was old. Under certain circumstances, the cached version is not updated, or even reverts to an old cache., Monday, May 13, 2002
    Thanks! It's possible that under certain conditions, loading an old page version doesn't properly flip the "don't cache" switch, and thus the old version gets saved in the cache by mistake. I'll look into it... Yeah, that was the problem. Fix in CVS. Brion VIBBER, Monday, May 13, 2002

    Toby Bartels said: "Anyone ever notice that the diffs here are useless? Since editing and saving with no changes helps a similar bug, let's see what it does here. (No change in this edit.)"

    Nope, that's a totally separate bug. Brion VIBBER, Monday, May 20, 2002 has been adding links through As and Bs. I'm not in favor of this and would like to zap them. Does anyone disagree?

    Please do. Evil adds pop up when you click on the link and each article should already have a good definition so the link is useless to us. --maveric149, Friday, June 7, 2002

    I'm having a lot of trouble accessing the website. My browser will either say that wikipedia doesn't exist, or else I'll get here, and then in the middle of editing, the server seems to go away and I have to go Back several times before my posting takes. -- Zoe

    Me too. And it was very slow when it did work. But that was 7/12/02. Today, 7/13, the site is running blazingly fast. David_spector

    I would like to propose Tour de France/2002 as a link in current events and breaking news

    Instead of deleting it, please move old talk to talk:Main Page/Archive 1 for, in nothing else, historical developement purposes. --maveric149, Wednesday, July 10, 2002