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My user name is incorrect due to technical limitations. My intended username is ceejayoz.
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About me[edit]

I'm Chris Johnson, a business student and freelance web developer dabbling in PHP and Ruby on Rails. I mainly do content-managed sites for small to medium medical societies, although ericg and I are considering getting into business together.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia (pictured at the top of this page), although I currenly reside in Rochester, New York, USA. I'll be moving back to Australia with my fiancée in a year or two.

My personal website is - a brief perusal should make it fairly obvious that I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Things I'm working on[edit]

Stuff I've started or contributed heavily towards[edit]

Handy templates[edit]

This is mainly a list for my personal use. I've found these templates handy for some of my more common tasks. A more comprehensive list of templates is here.

  • {{AfdAnons}} - for use in WP:AFD when anonymous users are linked and encouraged to vote to keep a page.

Weird articles[edit]

Wikipedia has some bizzare articles, which can be fun and scary at the same time.