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I'm Dan Hartung, a native and resident of Janesville, Wisconsin. For most of my career in computer consulting I lived in Evanston, Illinois, and briefly in New York City. After years of watching the growth of the Wikipedia from a very basic concordance to the essential reference work that it is quickly becoming, I decided to create my own account in November 2004. So far it's been a rewarding experience.

As of October 2005, I'm taking a bit of a break as I ramp up coding activity for a startup.


I've been online since the days of the BBS, and participated in the internet soon after the end of bang paths. I watched the web grow up from the inside! I was a well-known weblog author from 1999 to 2003 when family life intervened; my weblog was Lake Effect and is presently unavailable.

I have also been a very-long-term member of MetaFilter, one of the pre-eminent community weblogs. Although I had been exposed to Wikis long before, my first real experience with contributing to one was the MetaFilter Wiki, which serves as a FAQ.

I have an irregular weblog at

I have profiles at (join the wikipedia group) and 43things. .

Wikipedia philosophy[edit]

  • I'm inclusionist by nature. Wikipedia isn't paper. But notability guidelines are generally good.
  • I don't think recentism is a serious flaw.
  • Categories help people find stuff. My category clutter limit is higher than others'.
  • This is a hypertext encyclopedia. Link to things that are relevant. Why prevent users from exploring?

Pending tasks/To-do[edit]

Pending tasks for User:Dhartung:

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  1. Complete User:Dhartung/Frank Rockefeller
  2. Complete User:Dhartung/USS Fulton pages
  3. Compuete User:Dhartung/Sandbox/Raed Jarrar
  4. Expand Tanita Tikaram
    1. Debut
    2. Albums
  5. Continue sourcing Prescott Bush
  6. Continue sourcing Samuel P. Bush
  7. Cleanup Stanislav Petrov, add refs for POV
  8. De-turf Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument
  9. Roll back Lynching in the United States & rebuild
  10. Internationalize tree lawn/verge
  11. Scour ladder theory, friend zone per AFD
  12. Refs for exit strategy
  13. Refs for grok
  14. Create Danny Postel
  15. Military history of the United States#Gulf War needs trimming
  16. Jazz up user page
  17. Create Juárez radiation accident
  18. Janesville To-Do:
    1. Daniel Hale Williams npov, refs, cleanup
    2. Tallman House
    3. Janesville Armory
    4. Henry Palmer
    5. Burr Robbins
    6. Edward V. Whiton
    7. Angie King
    8. Cordelia Harvey Shopiere
    9. Jenkin Lloyd Jones
    10. Lavinia Goodell
    11. William Wallace Cargill founder of Cargill, born NYS, grew up Jvl


Pages I've Created[edit]

DYK featured[edit]

After this DYK submission quality increased substantially; many are almost to good article status nowadays. Good for DYK and Wikipedia, but a lot more work!


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Pages I've Modified[edit]

Old list:

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake article[edit]

[1] - initial stub [2] - after 24h [3] - after 48h [4] - after 72h


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