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Hi. I formerly kept this page blank so that my name would appear in red in the edit histories — it made it easier to find myself. (Most people have to take a gap year hitch-hiking around Australia...) But then somebody edited; so now I'm just purple like everybody else.

I am a 25-year-old native and current resident of Washington, D.C. and alumnus of Harvard College. I have also lived in New Haven, Connecticut. I guess there's no point in denying that I am an anglophile. I have been editing the Wikipedia since April 2004.

In the wikipedia, my particular obsession is that articles, without being in any way dumbed down, should be accessible and intelligible to outsiders not familiar with a particular subject. Furthermore, every article should open with a strong first few paragraphs which immediately lay out what something is and why it's important — it would be foolish to assume that everybody who comes to an article will have the patience to read the whole thing.

Of all my edits here, I think I'm most proud of the fairly thorough editing & revision I gave change ringing in September 2004. I'm also very proud of a time when I won over a vandal to civility — you catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Indeed, of all the wikipedia's various customs and principles, my favorite is assume good faith. It would be a good motto for us all to follow in our daily lives. It's not prominent and flashy and invoked-every-other-minute like some slogans around here; but it has a subtle brilliance. Not only does it help to defuse tense situations, not only does it help remind us not to do violence to others— it also reminds us not to do a certain kind of violence to ourselves. As somebody wise once said, getting taken advantage of occasionally is the price we pay for having trust in our world; but, all things considered, it's a small price to pay.

I also edit the Latin Vikipaedia as Usor:Doops

N.B. because I have something of an obsessive personality, my involvement tends to be feast or famine; sometimes I'm a fanatical editor and at other times I hide under my blankets. So don't be offended, please, if I occasionally just disappear for a while.