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2021 articles

  1. New Zealand Olli Harder
  2. England Charlotte Wardlaw
  3. Wales Georgia Walters
  4. United States Yen Hoang
  5. Kenya Bethwel Yegon
  6. Canada Anna Dacyshyn
  7. England Sophie Drakeford-Lewis
  8. New ZealandEngland 2021 Taini Jamison Trophy Series
  9. Australia Peter McGiffin
  10. Sussex Horselunges Manor
  11. Netherlands Tiny Hoekstra
  12. Republic of Ireland Aislinn Meaney
  13. United Kingdom Columba Blango (paralympian)
  14. United Kingdom Suzanna Hext
  15. United States Aaron Pike (athlete)
  16. United StatesNew York City 2021 New York City Marathon
  17. International Paralympic Committee Abbas Karimi
  18. United Kingdom Olivia Broome
  19. England 2021 London Marathon
  20. Germany Bernd Jeffré
  21. United Kingdom Nathan Maguire
  22. Rwanda Marthe Yankurije
  23. Federated States of Micronesia Taeyanna Adams
  24. Fiji Sophia Morgan
  25. West Germany Michael Spöttel
  26. Sussex Newbuildings Place
  27. United States Mark Stanforth
  28. Sweden Iréne Slättengren
  29. United Kingdom James Ashworth (runner)
  30. Netherlands Sjerstin Vermeulen
  31. Morocco Oumaïma Belahbib
  32. United Kingdom 2021 British Athletics Championships
  33. United Kingdom Jo Muir
  34. Italy Chiara Eusebio
  35. Belgium Anaëlle Wiard
  36. Soviet Union Pavel Kazakov
  37. France Lisa Barbelin
  38. Belgium Marlies Verbruggen
  39. Ireland Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe
  40. Australia Rod Bonella
  41. New Zealand Ngaire Drake
  42. Italy Sabrina Tasselli
  43. United Kingdom Loretta Doyle
  44. Netherlands Jessica Torny
  45. Morocco Sarah Fraincart
  46. Germany Lisa Höpink
  47. South Africa Caitlin Rooskrantz
  48. United Kingdom Eilidh McIntyre
  49. Canada Bernie Willock
  50. Republic of Ireland Margaret Saurin
  51. Fiji Napolioni Bolaca
  52. France Racing Club de Lens Féminin
  53. Norway Sissel Grude
  54. Finland Kaija Salopuro
  55. France Aurélie Groizeleau
  56. Republic of Ireland Ursula Noctor
  57. Denmark John Skovbjerg
  58. Sweden Linn Sömskar
  59. France Camillo Vaz
  60. Spain Irene del Río
  61. Portugal Patrícia Gouveia
  62. Republic of Ireland Emma Mullin
  63. Finland Satu Kunnas
  64. United Kingdom Stephanie Davis (runner)
  65. United Kingdom Ben Connor
  66. United Kingdom 2021 British Athletics Marathon and 20km Walk Trial
  67. South Africa Lefébre Rademan
  68. France GPSO 92 Issy
  69. Afghanistan Marjan Haydaree
  70. Ivory Coast Téné Birahima Ouattara
  71. France Sarah Palacin
  72. Dorset Barnston Manor
  73. Iceland Þórdís Hrönn Sigfúsdóttir
  74. Scotland Lisa Martin (rugby union)
  75. France Audrey Forlani
  76. Republic of Ireland Carol Breen
  77. United Kingdom Jasmin Taylor
  78. New Zealand Mark Coles
  79. Sussex Barnham Court
  80. Yorkshire Kettlethorpe Hall, West Yorkshire
  81. Ethiopia Girma Bekele Gebre
  82. Portugal Neide Simões
  83. Jamaica Malysha Kelly
  84. France Fédération des sociétés féminines sportives de France
  85. Japan Yoshiko Yamamoto
  86. List of cricketers who scored a century in their hundredth Test
  87. United Kingdom Joanna Blair
  88. United Kingdom 2021 Netball Superleague season
  89. Kenya Emily Kimuria
  90. England Trevor Griffin (cricket coach)
  91. Japan Tomoki Suzuki (athlete)
  92. Republic of Ireland Roy Dooney
  93. France Estelle Sartini
  94. Ghana Anita Fordjour
  95. Mozambique Edmilsa Governo
  96. Gabon Choro Mbenga
  97. Republic of the Congo Antoinette Dinga Dzondo
  98. India Women's T20 Challenge
  99. Ivory Coast Alima Ouattara

2020 articles

  1. Isle of Wight Royal Victoria Arcade, Ryde
  2. Cornwall South Pier, Penzance
  3. United States Elaine Van Blunk
  4. EthiopiaSwitzerland Helen Bekele Tola
  5. Finland Marjatta Väänänen
  6. Spain Teresa Rodrigo
  7. Poland Halina Kwiatkowska
  8. Sussex Barbican House
  9. Cornwall Respryn Bridge
  10. United Kingdom Robin Wallace
  11. Kenya Eric Kimaiyo
  12. Yorkshire Katie Levick
  13. Wales Dennis Fowles‎
  14. Singapore Isabelle Li
  15. Cornwall Botallack Manor
  16. Japan Sho Watanabe
  17. England Belsize Fire Station
  18. England Charlotte Taylor (cricketer)
  19. Japan Tsubasa Kina
  20. United Arab Emirates Sheikha Najla Al Qasimi‎
  21. Cyprus Androniki Lada
  22. England Issy Wong
  23. France Didier Roustan
  24. Germany Ralph Denk
  25. United Kingdom 2020 British Athletics Championships
  26. England Lauren Bell (cricketer)
  27. Iceland Ásta B. Gunnlaugsdóttir
  28. England 2020 Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy
  29. Guyana Charrandas Persaud
  30. New Zealand Donna Guy-Halkyard
  31. Australia Ben Sawyer
  32. Sussex Georgia Adams
  33. England Emma Lamb
  34. East Anglia The Tolhouse
  35. Belgium Étienne Cerexhe
  36. United Kingdom Ian Ray
  37. Belgium Elena Dhont
  38. Kenya Joseph Ngolepus
  39. Kenya Raymond Kipkoech
  40. Sussex St Andrew-in-the-Oxmarket Church‎
  41. Sussex Corn Exchange, Chichester
  42. England The Cock sign
  43. West Germany Ralf Bochröder
  44. West Germany Kristin Bochröder
  45. France Jean Raynal
  46. Republic of the Congo Chardente Saya Ndoulou
  47. Canada Christabel Oduro
  48. France Georges Dubois (sculptor)
  49. France Orcières-Merlette
  50. France Camille Combal
  51. Sussex Windycroft
  52. Sussex Pelham Arcade‎
  53. Austria Ernst Lauda
  54. Slovenia Monika Pogladič
  55. Hungary Dalma Iványi
  56. Greece Eva Asderaki
  57. Norway Hege Lanes Steinlund
  58. Tunisia Noureddine Diwa
  59. France Grégoire Margotton
  60. France Christian Jeanpierre
  61. Belarus Tatsiana Piatrenia
  62. Switzerland Otto Pünter‎
  63. England Six Pillars House
  64. England Admiral's House, Hampstead‎
  65. Switzerland Marcel Meyer de Stadelhofen
  66. Greece Georgios Simiriotis
  67. Greece Sofia Marinou
  68. France Alexandre Maspoli
  69. France Col de la Loze
  70. Austria Hans Lauda
  71. United KingdomJapan Sky Brown
  72. United Kingdom Emma Wilson (sailor)
  73. England St Olaf House
  74. England Samantha Lowe
  75. Republic of Ireland Gabrielle Reidy
  76. England Rotherhithe Street
  77. England Nelson House, London
  78. New Zealand Troy Collings‎
  79. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Irish Central Committee for the Employment of Women
  80. United States Dorothy Doolittle
  81. Latvia Iluta Gaile
  82. United States Lynae Larson
  83. United Kingdom Karen Holdsworth

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  1. SussexList of Sussex County Cricket Club grounds
  2. List of centuries scored on One Day International cricket debut
  3. List of cricketers who have taken five-wicket hauls on One Day International debut


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  1. United Kingdom 2021 British Athletics Marathon and 20km Walk Trial
  2. England 2020 London Marathon
  3. England 1861 Tooley Street fire
  4. United KingdomIsrael Murder of Dora Bloch
  5. France French football bribery scandal
  6. England Mary Hogarth
  7. Zimbabwe Black armband protest
  8. Sussex Central Recreation Ground


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2021 DYKs

  1. England... that English netball player Sophie Drakeford-Lewis was once the highest ranked British youth tennis player?
  2. New ZealandEngland... that in September 2021, the England national netball team won a series in New Zealand for the first time?
  3. Sussex... that Horselunges Manor was featured in the film The Song Remains the Same about Led Zeppelin?
  4. England... that today's London Marathon is expected to have 50,000 runners, and another 50,000 virtual competitors? ++ (13,084 views)
  5. England... that the winner of the men's race at the 2004 London Marathon fell during the race on cobblestones?
  6. United Kingdom... that despite not initially being selected for the 2020 Summer Paralympics, British equestrian Georgia Wilson won two bronze medals at the Games?
  7. United Kingdom... that Suzanna Hext chose to compete in swimming rather than equestrian at the delayed 2020 Summer Paralympics?
  8. United States... that Aaron Pike has competed in wheelchair racing at three Summer Paralympics, and in both biathlon and cross-country skiing at two Winter Paralympics?
  9. Netherlands... that Sjerstin Vermeulen has won Paralympic medals in swimming and equestrian?
  10. Germany... that German paracyclist Bernd Jeffré may have lost his 2010 Berlin Marathon race because he ignored his wife and did not wear enough clothes?
  11. International Paralympic Committee... that refugee swimmer Abbas Karimi, who competed at the 2020 Summer Paralympics, has won national championships in Afghanistan, Turkey and the US?
  12. United Kingdom... that wheelchair racer Nathan Maguire, who is scheduled to compete at the 2020 Summer Paralympics, appeared on a British gameshow with his partner in 2020?
  13. United Kingdom... that British modern pentathlete Jo Muir qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics despite missing the last qualification event due to COVID-19–related travel restrictions?
  14. Germany... that German runner Alica Schmidt (pictured), who is running in the Women's 4 × 400 metres relay at the 2020 Summer Olympics, has won multiple European junior relay medals? Incorrect, as she had changed race at short notice. (13.9k)
  15. Sussex... that author, poet and Arabian horse breeder Wilfrid Scawen Blunt chose to be buried without a coffin at his house, Newbuildings Place?
  16. Rwanda... that Marthe Yankurije, who dropped out of school during her fourth year of secondary school, will compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics?
  17. United States... that Mark Stanforth won the 1978 Chicago Marathon despite running the last few miles with blisters?
  18. Canada... that two hours before Canadian boxer Mandy Bujold competed in a 2016 Summer Olympics fight, she had been in hospital with gastroenteritis?
  19. United Kingdom... that Michael McIntyre, who was an Olympic sailing champion in 1988, was awarded an MBE for services to yachting the following year?
  20. England... that English cricketer Josh de Caires, the son of former England captain Michael Atherton, was given his mother's maiden name at birth, and he does not know why?
  21. France... that at the 2016 Summer Olympics, French sailor Hélène Defrance won a medal by a single point?
  22. France... that in 2021, Lisa Barbelin won her European Archery Championships event, and briefly became the world's number one ranked player?
  23. Ireland... that Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe was the top try scorer at the 2018–19 World Rugby Women's Sevens Series, the first time the feat had been achieved by someone not from Australia or New Zealand?
  24. United Kingdom... that for the first time this century, this year's British Athletics Championships were not broadcast on live television?
  25. Belgium... that Belgian international association footballer Anaëlle Wiard, who started playing beach soccer in 2020, was the top scorer in a competition that year?
  26. United Kingdom... that judoka Loretta Doyle found out that she was pregnant during pre–Olympic selection medical checks? + (7.9k)
  27. Australia... that Rod Bonella, who won a Commonwealth Games marathon medal, was also a horse trainer?
  28. Germany... that German swimmer Lisa Höpink won two medals at the 2019 Summer Universiade and qualified for two events at the 2020 Summer Olympics?
  29. Sussex... that in his debut first-class cricket season, Jack Carson took the most wickets of any Sussex player in the 2020 Bob Willis Trophy?
  30. South Africa... that after the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed, South African artistic gymnast Caitlin Rooskrantz livestreamed the routine she was going to perform?
  31. United Kingdom... that British sailor Eilidh McIntyre, who has qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics, is the daughter of a former Olympic gold medallist?
  32. Canada... that Canadian cyclist Bernie Willock, who missed out on competing at the Olympics due to the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott, later owned furniture stores?
  33. Republic of Ireland... that Irish association footballer Margaret Saurin later worked as a coach in the US?
  34. Fiji... that Fijian Napolioni Bolaca was the top point scorer at the 2019–20 World Rugby Sevens Series?
  35. France... that in 2012, French women's football club Arras FCF were promoted to the country's top division and reached the semi-finals of the French Cup?
  36. Norway... that Norwegian footballer Sissel Grude retired aged 22, but returned for a one-off appearance 22 years later? + (5.4k)
  37. Canada... that Martin Willock took breaks in his cycling career to build a house and start a repairs company?
  38. Republic of Ireland... that Emma Mullin, who won four Gaelic football championships, was also the first player from her association football club to play for the Republic of Ireland?
  39. Sweden... that Linn Sömskar (pictured) has won medals at World Cups in both cross-country skiing and roller skiing?
  40. France... that Camillo Vaz managed Paris Saint-Germain Féminine when they qualified for the UEFA Women's Champions League for the first time?
  41. France... that French rugby union referee Aurélie Groizeleau also breeds almost 7,000 pairs of pigeons?
  42. Spain... that when Irene del Río was called up to the Spain women's national football team squad, she was the only player who did not compete in the country's top division?
  43. United Kingdom... that Stephanie Davis, who has qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics, is a part-time marathon runner who works in finance?
  44. South Africa... that in 2021, Lefébre Rademan was unable to play for the South Africa national netball team as she was playing club netball in England?
  45. United Kingdom... that Ben Connor, who competed in his first marathon in October 2020, has qualified for the marathon race at the delayed 2020 Summer Olympics?
  46. United Kingdom... that every competitor at the 2021 British Athletics Marathon and 20km Walk Trial received a commemorative bonsai tree?
  47. France... that the French football club GPSO 92 Issy was founded by three Peruvian sisters in 1997?
  48. Ivory Coast... that Ivorian politican Téné Birahima Ouattara, the brother of the country's president, is nicknamed "Photocopy" due to their similar appearance?
  49. Afghanistan... that when Marjan Haydaree became the all-time top scorer for the Afghanistan women's national football team, she had never set foot in Afghanistan?
  50. Dorset... that the 13th-century Barnston Manor was owned by the same family for 700 years before being put up for sale in 2018? + (5.0k)
  51. Sussex... that Barnham Court in West Sussex is built in a similar style to Kew Palace in London?
  52. Iceland... that Icelandic footballer Þórdís Hrönn Sigfúsdóttir has had to self-isolate on four occasions during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  53. Republic of Ireland... that Irish sportswoman Carol Breen has played internationally in both association and Australian rules football?
  54. Scotland... that Lisa Martin captained the Scotland women's national rugby union team in 2018 to their first victory in Ireland for 12 years?
  55. Yorkshire... that the owners of Kettlethorpe Hall used a relocated 14th-century chapel as a boathouse, and the chapel's remains are now in a public park?
  56. France... that French rugby union player Audrey Forlani scored a try in the decisive match of the 2016 Women's Six Nations Championship, after which France won the tournament?
  57. New Zealand... that when Mark Coles started coaching the Pakistan women's national cricket team, he was not being paid, and he later lived in a compound with snipers on the roof?
  58. United Kingdom... that in 2020, Jasmin Taylor broke the record for the most medals won by a British skier at the World Cup and World Championships?
  59. New Zealand... that New Zealander Fran Jonas made her domestic cricket debut aged 15, and took three wickets in the final of the competition?
  60. Ethiopia... that Girma Bekele Gebre finished third at the 2019 New York City Marathon, despite not having a coach or sponsor, and having to pay to enter the race?
  61. South Africa... that South African association footballer Amanda Sister has played for clubs in Hungary and Italy?
  62. France... that after being told that women could not compete in athletics at the 1924 Summer Olympics, the FSFSF set up their own Women's Olympiad?
  63. Jamaica... that Malysha Kelly's return to the Jamaica national netball team after a three-year absence was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic?
  64. United Kingdom... that due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK the entire 2021 Netball Superleague season is being hosted at just two venues?
  65. BrazilRepublic of IrelandUnited States... that Joseildo da Silva beat Roy Dooney at the 1991 Chicago Marathon by six seconds in the slowest winning time for 10 years?
  66. Japan... that Tomoki Suzuki won the men's wheelchair race at the 2020 Tokyo Marathon by over eight minutes?
  67. Cuba... that Julio César Gandarilla Bermejo, a founder of the Cuban National Revolutionary Militia, ignored instructions from the Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel to make a Twitter account?
  68. Republic of the Congo... that Antoinette Dinga Dzondo (pictured), Minister of Social Affairs and Humanitarian Action of the Republic of the Congo, set up a fund to help refugees in the country return home?
  69. Mozambique... that Edmilsa Governo won Mozambique's first medal at a Paralympic Games in 2016?
  70. Isle of Wight... that the Royal Victoria Arcade, Ryde, had an underground market that is now used as a local history museum?
  71. EthiopiaSwitzerland... that Ethiopian runner Helen Bekele Tola has stated a desire to compete for Switzerland at the 2020 Summer Olympics?
  72. United States... that Elaine Van Blunk finished third at the 1994 Chicago Marathon, her second marathon event?
  73. Spain... that Spanish physicist Teresa Rodrigo worked on the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN and the discovery of the top quark at Fermilab?

2020 DYKs

  1. Finland... that in 1975, Finland's Minister of Education Marjatta Väänänen sent a petition to the Archbishop of Turku with almost 1 million signatures, advocating for the introduction of female priests?
  2. Poland... that during the Nazi occupation of Poland, Halina Kwiatkowska acted in an underground theatre alongside a future pope?
  3. Yorkshire... that Katie Levick gave up the chance to play cricket for England in order to pursue a full-time job?
  4. Kenya... that Eric Kimaiyo won the 2003 Baltimore Marathon in a sprint finish with one of the athletes that he trained?
  5. Singapore... that table-tennis player Isabelle Li received a standing ovation despite losing the final at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics?
  6. England... that cricketer Charlotte Taylor was the top wicket-taker in the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy, despite not being initially picked in the squads for the tournament?
  7. England... that cricketer Issy Wong can solve a Rubik's Cube in seconds? + (6.8k)
  8. England... that today's London Marathon is not being run on its usual course, but instead as 19.6 laps around St James's Park, to prevent spectators from attending? ++++ (21,991 views)
  9. United Kingdom... that pole vaulter Holly Bradshaw (pictured) won her eighth national title at the 2020 British Athletics Championships?
  10. France... that in 1995, French journalist Didier Roustan helped set up a world footballers union with Eric Cantona and Diego Maradona?
  11. England... that during the 2018 Women's Cricket Super League, Tash Farrant took a hat-trick, but her team still lost the match?
  12. Guyana... that in 2018, Guyanese politician Charrandas Persaud voted against his own government coalition in a no-confidence motion, causing the coalition to fall by one vote?
  13. England... that the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy, which starts today, was created to allow English domestic women's cricket to be played in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  14. Poland... that when footballer Przemysław Płacheta signed for Norwich City from Śląsk Wrocław in 2020, he was Śląsk's record sale and Norwich's first-ever Polish player?
  15. Sussex... that Georgia Adams is the captain of the Sussex Women cricket team, and her father Chris is a former captain of the Sussex men's team?
  16. East Anglia... that British 19th-century prison visitor Sarah Martin criticised living conditions at The Tolhouse jail, and objected to the fact that the inmates had no access to a church or chaplain?
  17. England... that Emma Lamb was part of the Lancashire Women cricket team that in 2017 won both the Women's County Championship and the Counties Twenty20 competition?
  18. United Kingdom... that Pippa Wicks, the deputy chief executive officer of the Co-operative Group, has supported the company's initiative to employ people who have escaped modern slavery?
  19. Belgium... that Belgian academic and judge Étienne Cerexhe was a co-founder of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso?
  20. Kenya... that Joseph Ngolepus finished third at the 2003 London Marathon, one second behind the winner, in the closest London Marathon finish in history?
  21. Norway... that in a 2013 ranking compiled by the political editors of Verdens Gang, Astrid Gjertsen was rated the ninth-most important woman in Norwegian history?
  22. Germany... that husband and wife Ralf and Kristin Bochröder both won their 1975 Berlin Marathon races, the only couple to have done so?
  23. United Kingdom ... that the "lost manuscript" of The Ickabog was featured on the dress worn by J. K. Rowling at her 50th birthday party? ++ (10,657 views)
  24. England... that there is a large cock on a junction in Sutton High Street, London? ++ (13,050 views)
  25. Sussex... that the 13th-century St Andrew-in-the-Oxmarket Church in Chichester, which was bombed during the Second World War, is now an arts centre?
  26. Canada... that Canadian soccer player Christabel Oduro is the cousin of Dominic Oduro, who has played for Ghana?
  27. Kenya... that Raymond Kipkoech won the 2011 Jerusalem Marathon despite crossing the wrong finish line?
  28. Sussex... that the Corn Exchange in Chichester has also been used as a cinema and a McDonald's?
  29. Netherlands... that Jitse Groen founded while still a student, after being unable to get a takeaway delivered to North Holland?
  30. France... that Luis Ocaña won the Orcières-Merlette stage of the 1971 Tour de France, beating the 1970 champion, Eddy Merckx, by more than eight minutes?
  31. United KingdomUnited States... that more than 3 million people have downloaded the COVID Symptom Study app in the UK and the US?
  32. Sussex... that between 1857 and the 1930s, a Russian gun captured during the Crimean War was displayed on the Hastings seafront near Pelham Arcade?
  33. France... that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Camille Combal hosted episodes of Qui veut gagner des millions ? – the French version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – from his living room?
  34. Greece... that in 2015, Eva Asderaki became the first woman to umpire a men's US Open tennis final?
  35. Hungary... that Dalma Iványi has won ten Hungarian women's basketball championships and played for three teams in the WNBA?
  36. Czech Republic... that Dagmar Burešová hid a classmate after he escaped a communist prison, and enabled him to flee from Czechoslovakia to West Germany?
  37. Norway... that Hege Lanes Steinlund is believed to have officiated more international football matches than any other Norwegian referee?
  38. France... that Grégoire Margotton replaced Christian Jeanpierre as the main presenter of the French football programme Téléfoot in 2018?
  39. Tunisia... that Noureddine Diwa was one of the first Tunisian footballers to play abroad?
  40. Austria... that Austrian engineer Ernst Lauda, who worked on preventing the Danube from flooding, was granted his own coat of arms (depicted)?
  41. England... that no admiral has ever lived at Admiral's House in Hampstead?
  42. United Kingdom... that Britons are being urged to clap for their carers every Thursday evening during the country's COVID-19 pandemic?
  43. France... that a path up the Col de la Loze, the seventh highest mountain pass in France, opened one year ago today and was first used in professional cycling during the 2019 Tour de l'Avenir?
  44. England... that the company that built Six Pillars House also constructed Highpoint I, and the penguin enclosure at London Zoo?
  45. Switzerland... that Swiss World War II spy Otto Pünter used crosswords and lemon juice as means of encryption?
  46. France... that French weightlifter Alexandre Maspoli, who won a medal at the 1906 Intercalated Games, later competed in the sculpture event at the 1924 Summer Olympics?
  47. France... that French philosopher Lucien Sève wrote a four-volume work focusing on his perceived problems with various interpretations of Marxism?
  48. England... that Nelson House is located on Rotherhithe Street, London's longest street, alongside the River Thames?
  49. Austria... that Austrian industrialist Hans Lauda was critical of his grandson Niki's Formula One ambitions, as he believed that "a Lauda should be on the economic pages of the newspaper, not the sports pages"?
  50. New Zealand... that while living in China, New Zealand tour guide Troy Collings co-founded a company specialising in tours of North Korea?
  51. United Kingdom... that British windsurfer Emma Wilson won the under-15 Techno 293 World Championships at the age of 12?
  52. England... that English judoka Samantha Lowe was selected, then deselected, then reselected for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and went on to win a gold medal?
  53. United KingdomJapan... that at the age of 10, Sky Brown became the youngest professional skateboarder in the world?
  54. Republic of Ireland... that at the age of 11, Gabrielle Reidy made her first appearance at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin?
  55. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland... that the Irish Central Committee for the Employment of Women, which operated from 1914 to 1919, paid Irish women the same as their British counterparts?
  56. England... that in a January 2020 Premiership Rugby match, referee Luke Pearce appointed Manu Vunipola as Saracens captain, after Pearce decided that he did not want to speak with Jackson Wray?
  57. United States... that Dorothy Doolittle, winner of the inaugural Chicago Marathon, was later an assistant coach for the U.S. team at the 1992 Summer Olympics?
  58. United States ... that while other 1978 Chicago Marathon runners complained the late start meant finishing in 80 °F (27 °C) heat, winner Lynae Larson was concerned about its effect on her six-hour drive home?

2019 DYKs

  1. Ivory Coast ... that Ivorian special advisor Euphrasie Kouassi Yao has worked as a UNESCO chair for Water, Women and Decision-making, and has been honoured by the Global Platform for Enterprising Women?
  2. Catalonia ... that medieval historian Maria Teresa Ferrer i Mallol believed that the 14th-century Mudéjar, Jewish, and Muslim communities in Catalonia and Valencia co-existed due to religious segregation?
  3. France ... that jams made by French chocolatier Christine Ferber (pictured) are sold in Tokyo Isetan department stores, each wrapped in red cloth with a white bow? + (5.4k)
  4. United Kingdom ... that the Central Committee on Women's Employment was founded to help British women who were out of work due to the First World War?
  5. Egypt... that Egyptologist Wafaa El Saddik has provided historical tours to Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Helmut Schmidt, and Anwar Sadat?
  6. Denmark ... that the main award of the Danish Animation Society is named after Børge Ring (pictured), who directed the Oscar-winning animated short film Anna & Bella?
  7. PolandGermanySwitzerland... that during the Second World War, Rachel Dübendorfer received sensitive German military information, including plans for the invasion of the USSR?
  8. France ... that from 1977 to 1982, Pierre Cangioni presented Téléfoot, France's first dedicated football television programme?
  9. Uganda ... that Stephen Twinoburyo, a Ugandan expatriate in South Africa, said that Ugandans were unhappy about the ticket prices for the 2010 FIFA World Cup that took place in his new country?
  10. Germany ... that in 1956, German civil servant Erica Pappritz co-wrote a book on etiquette which included sections on correct odour and on how Bonn diplomats liked to carry umbrellas?
  11. Denmark ... that the main award of the Danish Animation Society is named after Børge Ring, the first Dane to win an Oscar? Incorrect as he wasn't the first, contrary to the source
  12. France ... that in 1901, French feminist writer Marie-Louise Gagneur was awarded the Legion of Honour?
  13. France ... that Jean-Pierre Bernès, former general manager of Olympique de Marseille, started out selling membership cards for the club?
  14. Czech Republic ... that in 1960 Emil Paleček discovered that nucleic acids could be studied electrochemically, contradicting previous assumptions that DNA molecules were too large to have electrochemical properties?
  15. United Kingdom ... that in November 2018, Matthew Hedges received a pardon from his life sentence for spying in the United Arab Emirates?
  16. Chile ... that Roberto Tobar officiated the 2017 Segunda División final, in which only one team turned up for the penalty shootout?

2018 DYKs

  1. RwandaUnited Kingdom ... that Dorothée Munyaneza, who moved to London as a girl because of the Rwandan genocide, has choreographed two works about her experiences?
  2. Isle of Man ... that Clare Faulds, the first woman admitted to the Manx bar, later served as the Vicar General of Sodor and Man?
  3. Germany ... that Lisa Buckwitz and Mariama Jamanka, who were nicknamed the "Berlin Bob", won the two-woman bobsleigh event at the 2018 Winter Olympics?
  4. Republic of IrelandUnited States ... that a bracelet lost by Josephine Heffernan during the First World War was found in 2002, and returned to her family in 2017?
  5. Ivory Coast ... that Clémentine Touré coached the Ivory Coast women's national football team in their first matches outside Africa at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup?
  6. South Africa ... that Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse is South Africa's first female FIFA-accredited soccer agent?
  7. France ... that gymnast Pierre Payssé, who won two gold medals at the 1906 Intercalated Games, later helped organise women's football matches?
  8. England ... that Susanna Dinnage is expected to become the first female chief executive of the English Premier League early next year?
  9. England ... that in 2018, Sara Cox became the first woman to referee a Premiership Rugby match?
  10. France ... that in 1794, a silver statue of the Virgin Mary from the chapel at Notre-Dame de la Garde was melted down at the mint of Marseille located on Rue du Tapis-Vert?
  11. France ... that trail runner Aurélia Truel gave up on playing handball because she was too short?
  12. SwedenBosnia and Herzegovina... that Iris Kadrić played international football for Sweden under-17s, before switching to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina?
  13. Slovenia ... that former First Lady of Slovenia Barbara Miklič Türk met her husband and former Slovenian president Danilo Türk while working as a librarian at the United Nations?
  14. Colombia ... that in 2017, Sofía Gómez broke the CMAS Constant Weight Bi-Fins freediving world record, and then broke her own record two days later?
  15. BelgiumUnited StatesIsrael ... that in 2017, Renee Rabinowitz successfully sued El Al after the airline forced her to move at the request of a Haredi Jewish man who refused to sit beside her? ++ (12,070 views)
  16. Colombia ... that Colombian Supreme Court judge Augusto Ibáñez Guzmán claimed that in 2008, a dozen armed men stormed his house to steal his personal computer?
  17. Germany ... that Christian Boros owns an art gallery in a former bunker in Berlin?
  18. United Kingdom ... that at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Dom Parsons won the first medal for a British male in skeleton in 70 years?
  19. United Kingdom ... that bobsleigh duo Mica McNeill and Mica Moore crowdfunded £30,000 to compete at 2017–18 Bobsleigh World Cup events?
  20. Scotland ... that siblings Thomas, Glen, and Eve Muirhead are all competing in curling for Great Britain at the 2018 Winter Olympics?
  21. Zimbabwe ... that Angeline Murimirwa received money for her secondary education from Camfed, and is now its regional executive director for Southern & Eastern Africa?

2017 DYKs

  1. France ... that Alex Virot is the only journalist to have died whilst covering the Tour de France?
  2. Dorset ... that William Barnard Rhodes-Moorhouse, the first airman to receive the Victoria Cross, is buried at Parnham House?
  3. United KingdomIsrael ... that after the disappearance of Dora Bloch, Britain cut all diplomatic ties with Uganda? ++ (14,000 views)
  4. England ... that Mary Hogarth (pictured) is believed to be the inspiration for Charles Dickens' characters Rose in Oliver Twist and Little Nell in The Old Curiosity Shop?
  5. Scotland ... that from 1973 until 2012, Myra Nimmo held the Scottish women's national long jump record?
  6. United Kingdom ... that the British art historian Humphrey Brooke grew more than 500 varieties of rose?
  7. Cuba ... that Carlos Fernández Gondín fought against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and the United States in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and afterwards helped found the Communist Party of Cuba?
  8. United Kingdom ... that Patrick Eagar took photographs at 325 Test matches, including 98 Ashes matches?
  9. England ... that James Braidwood, superintendent of the London Fire Engine Establishment, was killed during the 1861 Tooley Street fire (pictured)? + (7.0k)
  10. United Kingdom ... that in 2015, Alison Hughes was part of the first ever all-female officiating team in a Fed Cup final?

2016 DYKs

  1. United Kingdom ... that Mary Barkas was the first female house physician at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London?
  2. United Kingdom ... that Helen Boyle was the first female president of the Royal Medico-Psychological Association?
  3. United Kingdom ... that Hannah Dadds was the first female train driver on the London Underground? + (6.3k)
  4. United Kingdom ... that Jackie Stedall won the 2013 Neumann Prize for the best English-language book on the history of mathematics?
  5. England ... that Christiana Willes is sometimes incorrectly attributed as the founder of roundarm bowling?
  6. Surrey ... that in 2014, West Horsley Place (pictured) was "accidentally" inherited by Bamber Gascoigne?
  7. Dorset ... that the extension to Poole Methodist Church was nominated for the 2016 Carbuncle Cup?
  8. Yorkshire ... that in 1976, the Admiral Von Tromp fishing trawler was shipwrecked at Saltwick Bay?
  9. United Kingdom ... that the Grid Compass was allegedly designed to match the dimensions of the company founder John Ellenby's briefcase?
  10. United States ... that at the age of 57, Jude Flannery became the oldest woman ever to be named Master Female Triathlete of the Year?
  11. Dorset ... that in 1747, the Custom House in Poole was raided by 30 smugglers, led by members of the Hawkhurst Gang?
  12. United Kingdom ... that Tony Sainsbury is the chef de mission of the Independent Paralympic Athletes Team at the 2016 Summer Paralympics?
  13. Scotland ... that in 2016, Andrew Butchart broke the Scottish 5000 metres record, despite running the last lap of the race with only one shoe?
  14. Germany ... that Theodor Lewald (pictured) successfully campaigned for Germany to compete at the 1928 Summer Olympics and host the 1936 Summer Olympics?
  15. Wales ... that Norwich City F.C. joint majority shareholder Michael Wynn-Jones attended his first Norwich match in 1953?
  16. Jamaica ... that Yona Knight-Wisdom is the first male Jamaican diver to compete at the Olympic Games? + (6.4k)
  17. Russia ... that in 2013, a Russian man who had edited his credit card agreement with Tinkoff Bank attempted to sue the bank for 24 million rubles?
  18. South Africa ... that between 2005 and 2014 the Qhubeka Foundation provided more than 45,000 bicycles in South Africa?
  19. France ... that due to the French football bribery scandal, no team is classed as winning the 1992–93 French Division 1 title?
  20. United Kingdom ... that the British art dealer Sir Jack Baer saved £150 million of art for the nation?
  21. Trinidad and Tobago ... that in December 2015, Trinidadian commentator Fazeer Mohammed was banned from speaking to players in the West Indies cricket team before the Boxing Day Test match?
  22. Australia ... that cricket journalist Tony Munro was born with dwarfism?
  23. Belgium ... that in February 2016, fake documents were sent to Companies House claiming that Katrien Meire had resigned as chief executive of Charlton Athletic F.C.?
  24. England ... that Hamza Ali died at age 20, having already played first-class cricket for Hampshire County Cricket Club and List A cricket for Rawalpindi Rams?
  25. ... that due to the points system being used, England won the 2013–14 Women's Ashes despite winning fewer matches?
  26. England ... that Maison Bertaux in Soho is London's oldest pâtisserie shop?
  27. England ...that the Grade I listed Trinity Green Almshouses were built to house "28 decay'd Masters & Commanders of Ships or ye Widows of such"?
  28. Sussex ... that the original Hove Town Hall building (pictured) was damaged by fire in 1966?
  29. ... that the website Football Leaks reveals transfer fee, wage and contract information about famous footballers?
  30. Spain ... that current Liga de Fútbol Profesional president Javier Tebas is a Real Madrid supporter?
  31. Sussex ... that 1–13 Arundel Terrace in Brighton consists entirely of Grade I listed buildings?
  32. Sussex ... that the Old Ship Hotel is the oldest hotel in Brighton?
  33. Jersey ... that the Farmers Cricket Club Ground in Saint Martin, Jersey, is scheduled to host five matches in the 2016 ICC World Cricket League Division Five between 21 and 28 May?
  34. South Africa ... that Laura Wolvaardt made her Women's One Day International cricket debut for South Africa at the age of 16?
  35. England ... that the Grade I listed building 56 Artillery Lane in London is now used as a free art exhibition space?
  36. Hong Kong ... that Neisha Pratt captained the Hong Kong women's national cricket team in their first official match in 2006?
  37. England ... that Elspeth Beard was the first English woman to ride a motorcycle around the world?
  38. BelizeHonduras... that despite being removed from the 1992 Honduras Olympic team and Olympic Village, Polin Belisle still competed in the Olympic marathon?
  39. South Africa ... that the Harmony Gold Mine Cricket Club A Ground holds the record for some of the lowest scores by the Free State cricket team?
  40. Jamaica ... that Derick Adamson won the 1984 and 1985 Philadelphia Marathons?
  41. Sussex ... that in a 2014 Sussex Cricket League Premier Division match against Horsham, Philip Salt scored 200 not out from just 129 balls?
  42. England ... that Graham Charlesworth has played first-class cricket in England and South Africa?
  43. EnglandSri Lanka ... that Gehan Mendis was part of the Lancashire cricket team that won the 1990 Benson & Hedges Cup and Natwest Trophy?
  44. Hong Kong ... that Keenu Gill became vice-captain of the Hong Kong women's national cricket team at the age of 17?
  45. England ... that Charles Wollaston was the first person to win five FA Cup winners medals?
  46. Australia ... that Jake Doran is the youngest player to have signed for a Big Bash League team?
  47. Sussex ... that in September 2003, the Zoological Society of London released crickets of the endangered species Gryllus campestris into the wild at the Arundel Castle Cricket Ground?
  48. South Africa ... that Mark Sanders scored only one first-class century in his cricket career?
  49. Sussex ... that W. G. Grace, Jack Hobbs, Denis Compton and Don Bradman all scored first-class centuries at the Central Recreation Ground, Hastings?
  50. England ... that Matt Hobden scored 65 not out in a Sussex County Cricket Club record tenth-wicket partnership of 164 with Ollie Robinson?
  51. South Africa ... that City Oval, Pietermaritzburg and St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury, are the only two first-class cricket grounds with a tree inside the boundary? Incorrect, as the St Lawrence Ground no longer has a tree inside the boundary, but the VRA Cricket Ground does.
  52. Sussex ... that in April 2015, Ollie Robinson became the first Sussex cricketer in 95 years to score a century on a County Championship debut?

2015 DYKs

  1. England ... that exactly one year ago, Amy Hughes ran the first of 53 marathons in 53 days?
  2. Sussex ... that the County Cricket Ground in Hove has hosted football, lawn tennis and rugby?
  3. South AfricaSussex ... that in 2002, Mark Davis scored his maiden first-class century during a record partnership with Robin Martin-Jenkins?
  4. Sussex ... that in 1998, the English cricketer Jason Lewry took a hat-trick with deliveries across two innings?
  5. England ... that Jamie Porter took a wicket with the fifth ball he bowled in first-class cricket?
  6. Zimbabwe ... that during the 2003 Cricket World Cup, Zimbabwean cricketers Andy Flower and Henry Olonga wore black armbands?

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