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BornThis century
NationalityNew Zealander
Country New Zealand
Time zoneNZDT (UTC+13): currently 06:29
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PoliticsLeft of centre
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Joined22 November 2016
First edit6 May 2017
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Hi, I'm Nixinova (/ˌnɪksiˈnvə/). On here I usually edit articles related to New Zealand or video gaming.

About me[edit]

I have been editing Wikipedia for 4 years and have been editing wikis in general for around 9 years. I started editing on Wikia around 2012 and on Gamepedia in November 2013 (both of which are now Fandom), where I am an administrator of the Minecraft Wiki. I created this Wikipedia account in November 2016, but did not start editing until May 2017.

I am a big fan of video games, especially Minecraft, but also enjoy the Watch Dogs, Just Cause, and Half-Life series; view all the games I play on my Steam profile.

In programming, I have created and currently maintain a few TypeScript projects and also dabble in Java. My projects are available on my GitHub profile.

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