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Tariqabjotu is a pseudonym for a 32-year-old Wikipedian.

Tariqabjotu's editing focus has shifted over the years, since becoming a Wikipedian in June 2005. Initially, Tariqabjotu concentrated on articles related to Islam, during which time he brought the Mosque article up to featured status (April 2006). His focus then shifted to current events, during which time he designed Portal:Current events. After becoming an administrator in November 2006, his focus shifted to Israel-related topics; during this time, he brought Jerusalem and Israel to featured status (in April 2007 and September 2007, respectively). He has also created or overhauled several widely used templates—including Infobox Airliner accident, Infobox civilian attack, Infobox Holiday, and Infobox Skyscraper—and created the Capital Area Food Bank article (August 2006). Tariqabjotu has shifted away from the highly stressful Israel–Palestine area in around 2010. Since then, he has been an avid participant in the In the news section. After taking a stab at the Cairo article (and discovering he was in over his head), he spent a significant part of three years bringing the article on Istanbul, his one true love (the city, not the article!), to featured status (October 2012).

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