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This page contains archived centralized discussion listings. The listings are grouped by the date in which they were archived, not when they were first posted, so this page is a record of the archiving rather than the posting. The links in the listings go to discussions which may have their own dedicated page or to talkpages which are subject to their own archiving, as such the links may not always lead directly to the actual discussions. Updates are ongoing.

While it may be useful to examine previous discussions on a topic, especially if planing to re-open a discussion on that topic, consensus does change. The relevance of past discussions depends on how long ago the discussion took place, how many people were involved, and the manner in which the information was presented. Decisions on whether to link to previous discussions will depend on the circumstances.

Category:Wikipedia proposals has more discussions (approved, rejected, and proposed) some of which may not have been listed for centralized discussion.

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