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This Did you know statistics (DYK STATS) page is an attempt to recognize the DYK entries that have distinguished themselves, either by receiving an unusually high number of page views while being featured on DYK, or by going on to become some of Wikipedia's best content after appearing at DYK. The page illustrates the types of hooks that have been particularly successful in attracting readers. The statistics are manually updated.

For page view counts, there are separate lists for the all-time top hooks and the most effective hooks on a monthly basis. If you have thoughts on the format of this page, or whether it is useful, please post your comments on the Discussion page.

See also:

  • DYK Hall of Fame – for outstanding contributions to the DYK project as a whole;

Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

Please note that hits from outside the DYK section of the main page are also included here. That might include random clicks or direct searches, but also views from other parts of the main page which feature the same article on the same day.

Good and Featured DYKs[edit]

Good/featured content from DYK
Status Number of articles
Featured article 2,047
Featured list 658
Good article 6,273
These may be slight underestimates (learn more)
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Some articles that were featured on DYK have gone on to become some of Wikipedia's featured or good content, in the form of featured articles, featured lists, or good articles. This table records the number of former DYK articles that are currently listed as good or featured content.

Most-viewed DYKs[edit]

This section details all the most-viewed DYKs from the beginning of the available data - December 2007. Unfortunately the articles that appeared in the DYK section before that date do not have page view information and cannot be included.


  1. Use ErrantX's DYKStats tool which will calculate the statistics for you based upon the date and time it was featured on the Main Page. You can use Wikipedia:Recent additions to find out whether it was posted during AM or PM (UTC); remembering that recent additions lists the time it was removed from the Main Page.
    Historical (pre-2016) statistics are based on Henrik's page view tool at For more information on this tool, see and stats FAQ. Please note that at some point since December 2013 this tool began compiling days using a 23:00 to 22:59 (UTC) time range to match the range that wikiviewstats uses rather than the 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC) time range that it had previously used. Also, note that these statistics ignore mobile viewers. For queries, go to Henrik's talk page – missing stats are often the result of the tool being down or missing source files. Normally, you should count page views only for the day X when the article was featured. Because of the timing of the stats collection, nearly all hooks which exit the main page around 00:00 UTC get extra DYK views on the next day X+1; in this case views for two consecutive days (X and X+1) should be summed.
  2. The views are counted and summed for all articles which were bolded (not merely linked) in the hook. If one or more bolded articles were moved while on the main page, add views for the main article(s) and the redirect page(s).
  3. This page aims to list the views originating from the DYK section of the main page. Some articles draw additional views unrelated to DYK. Those views are removed by subtracting a half sum on the days before and after, that is VX − (VX−1 + VX+1) / 2. Example [1] VX=18,400; VX−1=4,400; VX+1=2,000; total=18,400−(4,400+2,000)/2=15,200. Other "special occasion" hooks may draw additional views because of the occasion, not because of the DYK; these cannot be accounted for with this method. For example, the hook for Tom Moore scheduled on his 100th birthday may have attracted extra views because of the celebration activities on that day which are not directly related to DYK, a factor this listing does not consider.
  4. Subject to rule 3, any article receiving at least 500 views per hour (after subtracting background views) is eligible for listing on the "STATS" page. If you know of an article that has received more than 500 views per hour while on DYK, feel free to add it to the list.
  5. Anyone is free to help by checking page views and listing hooks here that meet the requirements. Help is also welcome reviewing page views for earlier months where data is waiting to be mined (Jan–May 2008).

All-time DYK page view leaders[edit]

Lead hooks with at least 25,000 views[edit]

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8, 12 or 24)

Article (DYK date) Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Infant swimming
(Sep. 22, 2014)
A swimming baby 295,306 24,609 ... that babies will instinctively hold their breath underwater (pictured) until the age of six months?
Fall of the Berlin Wall
(Nov. 9, 2019)
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1989-1110-018, Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie, Nacht des Mauerfalls.jpg 280,266 - (23,750 + 25,487)/2 = 255,647 10,651 ... that the fall of the Berlin Wall (immediate aftermath pictured) was the result of a bureaucratic mistake?
Silver Cross Tavern
(Jan. 29, 2014)
Silver Cross Tavern 192,578 16,048 ... that the Silver Cross Tavern (pictured) is the United Kingdom's only legal brothel?
United Airlines Flight 175
(Sep. 11, 2021)
UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11 edit.jpeg 152,176 6,341 ... that after being hijacked, United Airlines Flight 175 almost had two mid-air collisions with other aircraft before crashing into the South Tower of the World Trade Center (pictured)?
Frank Sinatra
(Dec. 12, 2015)
24-hour position in lead slot with 2 images and 2 hooks
Frank Sinatra Billboard.jpg
Frank Sinatra '57.jpg
123,052 5,127 ... that after gaining a job as a singing waiter in 1938, Frank Sinatra (pictured) boasted that he would "become so big that no one could ever touch him"?
... that American music critic Robert Christgau called Frank Sinatra (pictured) "the greatest singer of the 20th century"?
War Doctor, Night of the Doctor
(Nov. 23, 2013)
John Hurt at the London premiere of Tinker Tailor Soldier Sp.png 36,360 + 52,209 - (12599 + 23723 / 2) + 22,061 + 27,032 - (10,695 + 13070 / 2) = 107,618 13,886 ... that the War Doctor (played by John Hurt, pictured), introduced in "The Night of the Doctor", will be a "dark doctor" who will "bring an ancient battle to its devastating conclusion"?
Paul the Octopus
(Jul. 11, 2010)
Oktopus-Orakel Paul mit Schuh.JPG 152,200 – (145,772 / 2) = 79,320 + 18,448 - (9,632 / 2) = 13,632 = 92,952 15,492 ... that Paul the Octopus (pictured) predicts Spain winning the World Cup today, while Mani the Parakeet tips a victory by the Netherlands?
Water bottle flipping
(Nov. 7, 2016)
Water bottle flipping (cropped).gif 87,202 7,266 ... that flipping water bottles (pictured) has been banned in some U.S. and British schools?
HMS Highlander (H44)
(Dec. 21, 2011)
HMS Highlander(H44).jpg 77,346 9,668 ... that the British destroyer HMS Highlander (pictured) escorted Convoy SC 122 through the largest convoy battle of World War II in March 1943 and was unsuccessfully attacked by U-441 and U-608?
Anthony Davis (basketball)
(Apr. 3, 2012)
Anthony Davis dunk.JPG 94,410 – (19,472 + 15,379) / 2
= 76,984
9,623 ... that 2012 National Player of the Year Anthony Davis (pictured) was unknown locally and nationally through his junior year of high school basketball?
Bestwood Country Park
(Sep. 4, 2018)
Nell gwyn peter lely c 1675.jpg 74,731 3,113 ... that one account has it that King Charles II offered his mistress Nell Gwyn (pictured) "all the land she could ride around before breakfast"—and the next morning she rode out early and encircled what would become Bestwood Park?
Clinton Romesha
(Feb. 11, 2013)
Clinton Romesha in a U.S. Army photograph. 35,581 + 47,595 - (10,312 - 1,140/2) = 73,434 8,955 ... that Clinton Romesha (pictured), who today is being awarded the Medal of Honor, joined the United States Army after deciding not to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
Race-reversed casting
(Jul. 1, 2020)
Patrick Stewart 1999.jpg 73,086 3,045 ... that Patrick Stewart (pictured) invented "photo negative" casting in order to play Othello when it had become no longer acceptable to perform the role in blackface?
2016 FA Cup Final
(May. 21, 2016)
Wembley Stadium, illuminated.jpg 55,574 + 17,008 =72,582 6,049 ... that Manchester United seek to match Arsenal's FA Cup winners record with a win in the 2016 FA Cup Final (venue pictured) against Crystal Palace today?
Eternal Silence (sculpture)
(Oct. 31, 2011)
Chicago, Illinois Eternal Silence1 crop.jpg 71,800 5,983 ... that according to folklore, people looking into the eyes of Eternal Silence (pictured) will see a vision of their own death?
Ivan Castro (soldier)
(Dec. 8, 2008)
Lt. Castro 4pg.jpg 71,300 5,941 ... that Captain Ivan Castro is the only blind officer serving in the United States Army Special Forces?
Poutine, peameal bacon, Made in Canada, Canadian Comedy Awards, 1st Canadian Comedy Awards
(Jul. 1, 2019)
Food at WIkimanian 2017 02.jpg 29,514 + 18,463 + 10,639 + 7,082 + 1,777 − (1,971 + 4,528)/2 = 64,225 2,676 ... that poutine (example pictured) and back bacon on a bun were served while the Beaver was awarded to Made in Canada at the inaugural Canadian Comedy Awards?
Leroy Petry
(Jul. 12, 2011)
Leroy Petry 2nd Ranger Bn crop.jpg 66,900 - (925 + 5,100) / 2 = 63,900 7,987 ... that Leroy Petry (pictured) is receiving the U.S. Medal of Honor today, marking only the second time that the award has been bestowed upon a living soldier for actions after the end of the Vietnam War?
Operation Overlord
(Jun. 6, 2014)
Approaching Omaha.jpg 55627 + 13411 - (11519 + 6611) / 2 = 59,973 4,916 ... that Operation Overlord (detail pictured), the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, was the largest seaborne invasion in history?
Sophia (robot)
(Nov. 13, 2017)
Sophia (robot).jpg 59,972 2,499 ... that Sophia (pictured) is the first robot to become a recognised citizen of a country?
Statue of Tara
(Dec. 11, 2013)
head of the statue of Tara 41,411 + 12,377 = 53,789 4,482 ... that the Statue of Tara from Sri Lanka (partly pictured) was kept hidden for 30 years in the British Museum because it was considered too erotic?
Murder of Jane Britton
(Jan. 7, 2019)
Jane Britton.jpg 53,494 2,229 ... that the red ochre sprinkled on the body of Jane Britton (pictured) 50 years ago today ultimately turned out to be a red herring in solving her murder?
Hallucinogenic fish
(Nov. 15, 2011)
The hallucinogenic Sarpa salpa 11,483 + 41,786
- (0 + 1,218) / 2
= 52,660
6,582 ... that Sarpa salpa (pictured) is a hallucinogenic fish that was used as a recreational drug during the Roman Empire?
Fortress of Mimoyecques
(Jun. 29, 2011)
Mimoyecques2.jpg 51,700 8,616 ... that the underground Fortress of Mimoyecques (pictured) was built by Nazi Germany to bombard London with 10 shells a minute using the V-3 supergun?
Soo Yeon Lee
(Jun. 30, 2017)
Soo Yeon Lee by Eric Longden Table Tennis 1.jpg 43,922 + 5,619 = 49,541 2,154 ... that table tennis player and model Soo Yeon Lee (pictured) has coached numerous celebrities and is a brand ambassador for a chain of table tennis bars?
Leonard Siffleet
(May 8, 2009)
Len Siffleet's execution in WWII 49,500 8,250 ... that Sergeant Len Siffleet was the subject of a famous photograph (pictured) depicting an execution by the Japanese in World War II?
Tommy Tucker (squirrel)
(Nov. 12, 2016)
Pet-Squirrel-Grid-LIFE-1944-single-image.jpg 47,095 5,886 ... that Tommy Tucker, a male pet squirrel wearing women's clothes (pictured), became famous during World War II, selling war bonds and entertaining children?
(Apr. 1, 2013)
Postcard showing a Polish girl about to get a soaking 46,706 3,892 ... that Polish girls (pictured) are getting wet and spanked today, but will have their revenge tomorrow?
Mercy dog
(Jan. 8, 2021)
"Red Cross Dog" - Alexander Pope.png 43,554 3,630 ... that mercy dogs (example illustrated) were trained during World War I to comfort mortally wounded soldiers as they died in no man's land?
Giovanni de Ventura
plague doctor
beak doctor costume
plague doctor contract
(Oct. 31, 2010)
Beak Doctor.jpg 7,600 + 1,600 + 6,400 + 1, 700 + 17,800 + 5,000 + 3,700 + 865 =
44, 665
7,444 ... that Giovanni de Ventura, a plague doctor who may have worn a beak doctor costume (pictured), was restricted by a covenant to treat only infectious patients?
Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick
(Apr. 30, 2019)
Lord Downpatrick.jpg 44,648 1,860 ... that the fashion designer Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (pictured) is the closest relative of Queen Elizabeth II who cannot succeed to the British throne because of conversion to Catholicism?
Longest recorded sniper kills
(May 8, 2010)
Sniper rifle 44,600 5,575 ... that the longest recorded sniper kill is from 2,475 m (8,120 ft) using a L115A3 Long Range Rifle (pictured)?
Battle for Castle Itter
(Jul. 26, 2013)
Castle Itter 42,120 5,265 ... that what has been called the strangest battle of World War II was fought at a medieval castle (pictured), and was the only battle of the war in which American and German soldiers fought as allies?
(Apr, 22, 2013)
CokeMagiCan2.jpg 38,970 + 1,790 = 40,660
(article moved)
5,083 ... that defects in Coca-Cola's MagiCans (pictured) led a child to mistakenly drink foul-tasting liquid used to replace actual cola?
Bacon Explosion
(Feb. 6, 2009)
Bacon Explosion.jpg 40,500 6,750 ... that the 5,000-calorie Bacon Explosion (pictured) was created in response to a Twitter challenge to develop "the ultimate bacon recipe"?
Ronald J. Shurer
(Oct. 1, 2018)
Ronald J. Shurer.jpg 40,011 1,667 ... that US Army combat medic Ronald J. Shurer's (pictured) Silver Star commendation for service in Afghanistan is being upgraded to a Medal of Honor today?
Tammie Jo Shults,
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380
(Jul. 6, 2018)
Tammy Jo Shults.jpg 26,176 + 13,505 = 39,681 1,653 ... that Tammie Jo Shults (pictured), captain of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy?
Saxbe fix
(Nov. 29, 2008)
Hclintonm cropped.jpg 39,600 6,600 ... that Hillary Rodham Clinton (pictured) may be ineligible for appointment as United States Secretary of State by Barack Obama unless a Saxbe fix can be worked out?
Slow loris
(Mar. 30, 2011)
Nycticebus tooth removal 01.jpg 39,200 4,900 ... that the slow lorises that are illegally caught and traded as exotic pets have their front teeth cut out (pictured) due to fear of their toxic bite?
Daulat (Mughal painter)
(Apr. 16, 2020)
Daulat self-portrait.jpg 38,839 1,618 ... that a Mughal painter described himself in his self-portrait (pictured) as "the lowly, needy, insignificant, Daulat"?
Jimmy Carter
(Oct. 1, 2021)
JimmyCarterPortrait (cropped).jpg 61,238 - (15,344 + 28,811)/2 = 38,660.5 1610.9

... that Jimmy Carter reported that he had seen a UFO?

Kemna concentration camp
(Jan. 20, 2012)
Wuppertal - KZ Kemna 05 ies.jpg 38,567 4,820 ... that torture at Kemna concentration camp (memorial pictured), one of the first Nazi concentration camps, was so brutal that the Nazis held hearings on it?
KA2N Gorgon IIA
CTV-N-2 Gorgon IIC
(Jan. 8, 2018)
Gorgon IIA at the National Air and Space Museum.jpg 26,948 + 11,536 = 38,484 1,603 ...that the United States Navy placed orders for the Gorgon IIA (pictured) and Gorgon IIC missiles with the Singer Manufacturing Company, better known for its sewing machines?
Soviet destroyer Sposobny (1970)
(Jan. 14, 2019)
Sposobnyy1982.jpg 38,125 1,588 ... that the Soviet destroyer Sposobny (pictured) was designed to survive a nuclear explosion?
Deutsches Reichsbräu
(Jul. 15, 2020)
Logo of possible Nazi beer.png 37,990 3,165 ... that the German police were called to investigate Deutsches Reichsbräu beer because of the Nazi-style imagery on its logo (pictured)?
Big Long Slidin' Thing,
Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl,
It Ain't the Meat (It's the Motion),
Keep On Churnin' (Till the Butter Comes),
Big Ten Inch Record
(Jan. 1, 2020)
Dinah Washington 1952.jpg 13,757 + 6,108 + 6,308 + 6,080 + 5,306 = 37,559 1,565 ... that a ranking of the greatest double-entendre songs of all time included "Big Long Slidin' Thing" by Dinah Washington (pictured), "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl" by Bessie Smith, "It Ain't the Meat (It's the Motion)" by the Swallows, "Keep On Churnin' (Till the Butter Comes)" by Wynonie Harris, and "Big Ten Inch Record" by Aerosmith?
This Is Her First Lynching,
Lynching of Henry Lowry,
Lynching of George Hughes,
The Law Is Too Slow,
1935 New York anti-lynching exhibitions,
Death (statue),
Aaron Goodelman
9 June 2021
The Law is Too Slow MET 2835-180.jpg 8,253 + 4,255 + 6,269 + 5,616 + 6,291 + 5,880 + 913 = 37,477 ... that the 1935 New York anti-lynching exhibitions included Death (modeled after the lynching of George Hughes), Necklace (by Aaron Goodelman), This Is Her First Lynching, and The Law Is Too Slow (pictured), and were intended to support anti-lynching legislation, while earlier similar proposed legislation was supported by the NAACP using the lynching of Henry Lowry?
List of Mountain Bothies Association bothies
(May 23, 2017)
Corrour Bothy - - 1546559.jpg 37,379 1,557 ... that visitors can stay overnight free of charge in any of over ninety bothies (Corrour Bothy pictured), but must bring their own fuel in order to watch "bothy TV"?
Jackie Summers
(Sept. 16, 2020)
Jackie Summers.jpg 37,332 3,111 ... that Jackie Summers (pictured) quit his corporate job to pursue a "lifelong dream of day-drinking professionally"?
Catherine Lynch
(Mar. 11, 2018)
Catherine Driscoll crop.png 37,237 1,551 ... that at the inquest into the death of Catherine Lynch (pictured), the presiding coroner described her as "one of a class who were a nuisance to themselves, their husbands and everybody else"?
Michael Collins (astronaut)
(Jul. 21, 2019)
Michael Collins (S69-31742, restoration).jpg 112,192 - (115,723 + 34,037)/2 = 37,312 1,554 ... that Michael Collins (pictured), the command module pilot for Apollo 11, was the first person to perform two spacewalks in a single mission?
Franz Halder
(Oct. 20, 2019)
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1970-052-08, Franz Halder.jpg 37,135 1,547 ... that Franz Halder (pictured), a former chief of staff of Nazi Germany's army, was the only German to be decorated by both Adolf Hitler and an American president?
(Nov. 12, 2020)
IronException 2b2t Spawn Render June 2019.png 39,781 - (1,978 + 3,354)/2 = 37,115 1,546 ... that 2b2t, a no-rules Minecraft multiplayer server running since 2010, has seen more than 580,000 distinct Minecraft players join and explore its nine-terabyte map (pictured)?
Pleuni Touw
De Stille Kracht (television series)
(Sep. 18, 2012)
Pleuni Touw.png 24,877
+ 11,928
= 36,805
4,600 ... that Pleuni Touw (pictured) had the first nude scene in Dutch television on 1974's The Hidden Force?
(Feb. 10, 2020)
SO4 Hoe open Web.jpg 36,550 ... that hit-to-kill weapons (example pictured) require no warhead as their high velocity gives them many times the energy of TNT?
Lisa Nowak
(Oct. 24, 2020)
Lisa M. Nowak.jpg 36,330 1,514 ... that the 2019 film Lucy in the Sky is loosely based on the life of astronaut Lisa Nowak (pictured)?
Laura Kamhuber
(Apr. 9, 2018)
Laura-Kamhuber-Album.jpg 36,131 1,505 ... that Laura Kamhuber's (pictured) rendition of "I Will Always Love You" at The Voice Kids Germany is the most-watched YouTube video by an Austrian artist?
Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan
(Aug. 15, 2018)
Ivan the Terrible & son - destroyed.jpg 36,118 1,504 ... that the painting Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan has been attacked and damaged twice (damage pictured)?
State House (Zimbabwe)
Statue of Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe House, Harare
State House (Bulawayo)
Blue Roof
(Mar. 2, 2021)
Government House, Bulawayo.jpg 5,034 + 20,224 + 2,366 + 2,585 + 5,694 = 35,903 ... that the president of Zimbabwe has access to State House which has a "drunk" "Superman" statue of Robert Mugabe in the grounds, and to the former Rhodesian prime minister's house and Cecil Rhodes's Government House in Bulawayo (pictured), but not to Mugabe's Blue Roof mansion?
James McDivitt
(Sep. 28, 2021)
Astronaut James A. McDivitt in Air Force uniform.jpg 35,447 1,477 ... that astronaut James McDivitt (pictured)saw a UFO during his first spaceflight?
Chadwick Boseman
(Apr. 25, 2021)
Chadwick Boseman by Gage Skidmore July 2017 (cropped).jpg 35,114 (70,227/2) 2,926 ... that Chadwick Boseman (pictured) was the seventh actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination?
Tett turret
(Oct. 14, 2010)
Tett Turret Close up - - 168509.jpg 35,100 5,850 ... that the only exit from a Tett turret (pictured) could expose a soldier trying to leave the fortification to direct fire from the enemy?
Colossus of Ostermunzel
(Mar. 25, 2016)
Findling von Ostermunzel Grösse.jpg 34,971 2,976 ... that the Colossus of Ostermunzel (pictured) is significantly lighter than originally estimated?
Barn the Spoon
(May 24, 2017)
Barn the Spoon Portrait.jpg 34,824 1,451 ... that it takes Barn the Spoon (pictured) between twenty minutes and two hours to carve a spoon out of green wood?
Elly Mayday
(March 28, 2019)
A Tribute to Elly Mayday (A Perfect 14) - side glance.jpg 34,666 1,562 .... that when Elly Mayday (pictured) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she not only continued to model, but appeared in pictorials with a bald head from chemotherapy and surgery scars?
Tina Strobos
(Jul. 12, 2018)
TinaStrobos1941.jpg 30,903 + 3,213 = 34,116 1,421 ... that Dutch psychiatrist Tina Strobos (pictured), who rescued over 100 Jewish refugees during World War II, said that her grandmother was the only person she knew who scared the Gestapo?
Andaman Sea
Khao Phing Kan
(Sep. 29, 2010)
JamesBondEiland.jpg 6,100 + 27,900 = 34,000 5,667 ... that there is a James Bond Island (pictured) in the Andaman Sea?
Baba Anujka
(Sep. 19, 2019)
Baba-Anujka.jpg 33,721 2,810 ... that Serbian poisoner Baba Anujka (pictured), aged over 90 at the time of her trial, was sentenced to 15 years' hard labor?
General George Washington Resigning His Commission, George Washington's resignation as commander-in-chief
(Feb. 22, 2018)
General George Washington Resigning his Commission.jpg 10,546 + 22,649 = 33,195 1,383 ... that John Trumbull, the painter of General George Washington Resigning His Commission (pictured), considered Washington's resignation "one of the highest moral lessons ever given to the world"?
Hurricane (clipper)
(May 18, 2020)
Hurricane (clipper ship).jpg 33,191 2,765 ... that Hurricane (pictured), built in Hoboken by Isaac C. Smith in 1851, was reputedly the most extreme clipper ever constructed?
Urine deflector
(July 14, 2021)
Urine deflector at the Bank of England.jpg 33,023 ... that the Bank of England has a device to prevent unwanted deposits (pictured)?
Charles R. Ellet
(October 16, 2020)
Charles R. Ellet.png 32,990 1,374 ... that 19-year-old Union Army colonel Charles R. Ellet (pictured) ran two separate steam-powered ram ships past the batteries at Vicksburg, Mississippi, during the American Civil War?
Rene Strange
(Jul. 20, 2018)
Rene Strange puppeteer.jpg 32,967 1,373 ... that the puppets of Rene Strange (pictured) included Annie Pride of the Rockies, Mr Bertram, and Samoa the Hula Hula Girl?
Wang Danfeng
(May 16, 2018)
Wang Danfeng 2.jpeg 32,488 1,354 ... that "legendary" Chinese actress Wang Danfeng‎ (pictured) was invited to attend the inauguration of US President Ronald Reagan?
Flag of Weihaiwei
(May 10, 2017)
British Weihaiwei flag.svg 28,002 + 4,418 = 32,420 1,351 ... that the flag of Weihaiwei (pictured) was redesigned to include Mandarin ducks, as it was felt inappropriate to have a Chinese imperial dragon on a British flag?
(Feb. 20, 2013)
Ethiopian Farmer affected by Podoconiosis - NIH - March 2011.jpg 28,976 + 3,352 = 32,328 4,041 ... that an estimated four million people worldwide suffer from podoconiosis?
Goat Canyon Trestle
(Mar. 15, 2018)
Goat Canyon Trestle 32,298 1,346 ... that the Goat Canyon Trestle (pictured) is the world's largest curved wooden trestle?
Lena Sundström
(Oct. 3, 2016)
Lena Sundström 32,283 1,346 ... that Swedish journalist Lena Sundström (pictured) was a foundling?
Antonija Mišura
(Aug. 23, 2012)
Antonija Mišura at the 2012 Summer Olympics 32,282 4,035 ... that according to Bleacher Report, Antonija Mišura (pictured) was the most beautiful female competitor at the 2012 Olympics?
United States Zouave Cadets
(Jan. 11, 2019)
Chicago Zoauves.png 32,243 1,343 ... that The New York Times stated that, with one exception, the United States Zouave Cadets (pictured) were "all young men of extraordinary muscular power"?
1907 Tiflis bank robbery
(Dec. 20, 2010)
Lenin-1895-mugshot.jpg 32,200 5,367 ... that a 1907 stagecoach robbery organized by Vladimir Lenin (pictured) and Joseph Stalin killed an estimated 40 people and netted approximately 250,000 rubles (over $3 million in current USD)?
Spragg Bag
(Dec. 21, 2010)
Spragg Bag air test.jpg 32,200 5,367 ... that a large waterbag (pictured) can bring water to California and, according to its inventor, peace to the Middle East?
Candy desk
(Apr. 1, 2011 - April Fools Day)
Candy desk 32,100 4,012 ... that there is a desk full of candy (pictured) on the floor of the US Senate?
Paper car wheel
(Sep. 6, 2018)
Allen Paper Car Wheel Company.jpg 31,839 1,326 ... that paper wheels (pictured) provided a quiet and smooth ride in Pullman dining and sleeping cars?
Operation Strength
(Mar. 18, 2016)
BLU-82 Daisy Cutter Fireball.JPG 31,726 2,644 ... that during Operation Strength, a 15,000 lb (6.8 T) bomb (example of detonation pictured) served as a diversion to a diversion?
Women's Barracks
(Nov. 23, 2020)
Cover of Women's Barracks by Tereska Torrès 1950.jpg 31,693 1,320 ... that Women's Barracks (cover pictured), regarded as a classic of lesbian pulp fiction, was banned in Canada and became the first paperback-original bestseller in the United States?
Daniel Lambert
(Jul. 6, 2010)
Daniel Lambert 31,400 5,233 ... that English gaol keeper and animal breeder Daniel Lambert (pictured) weighed 52 stone 11 lb (739 lb; 335 kg)?
Brittany CoxXx
(Jan. 21, 2011)
Brittany CoxXx with a pink flower in her hair 31,400 5,233 ... that Borat Sagdiyev's son, who appeared in photos in the movie Borat, was actually trans woman and porn star Brittany CoxXx (pictured)?
Walter Koch (Fallschirmjäger)
(Mar. 2, 2011)
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-L04232, Walter Koch.jpg 31,200 3,900 ... that German paratrooper Walter Koch (pictured) acted against the Commando Order and saved John Dutton Frost's British paratroopers from execution?
Fannie Lou Hamer
(February 27, 2018)
Fannie Lou Hamer 1964-08-22.jpg 31,109 1,296 ... that African-American civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer (pictured) was brutally beaten on the orders of police in Mississippi for standing up against racial segregation?
Stannard Rock Light
(Jun. 16, 2009)
Stannard Rock Light 31,000 5,167 ... that the Stannard Rock Light (pictured), known as the "Loneliest Place in the World", is the furthest lighthouse from land and described as one of the top ten engineering feats in the United States?
Catherine Zeta-Jones
(Apr. 21, 2016)
Catherine Zeta-Jones VF 2012 Shankbone 2.jpg 35,555-(4318+4805)/2 = 30,994 2,582 ... that Catherine Zeta-Jones' (pictured) wedding ceremony cost an estimated £1.5 million?
Nazi-Soviet military parade in Brest-Litovsk
(Sep. 17, 2009)
Nazi and Soviet soldiers standing together shoulder to shoulder during the parade 30,900 5,150 ... that a joint Nazi-Soviet military parade in Brest-Litovsk (pictured) was held on September 22, 1939, to display the power of the newly formed Soviet-Nazi pact to the whole world?
Thirst trap
(Jul. 18, 2020)
Thirst trap (DYK crop).jpg 30,853 1,285 ... that a thirst trap (selfie pictured) can lead to harassment and bullying?
Brad Stevens
(Apr. 5, 2010)
Brad Stevens on Butler sideline.jpg 30,800 5,133 ... that Butler men's basketball head coach Brad Stevens (pictured) has won 89 games in his first three years, exceeding the previous NCAA record by 8 games?
Airplane Coaster
(Aug. 4, 2017)
Airplane Coaster postcard vertical crop.jpg 30,752 1,281 ... that numerous writers have called the Airplane Coaster (pictured) the greatest roller coaster ever built?
Sea of Japan
Kamome Island
(Oct. 18, 2010)
Heishiiwa Rock Esashi crop.jpg 5,000 + 25,700 = 30,700 5,117 ... that according to a legend, the Heishi rock (pictured) represents the God of the Sea of Japan?
Love dart
(Oct. 9, 2008)
Monachoides vicinus dart lateral.jpg 30,700 4,385 ... that some hermaphrodite snails and slugs pierce each other with love darts (pictured) during mating?
Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam
(Mar. 22, 2012)
Disney Wonder 20110216.JPG 30,657 3,832 ... that the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam from the Disney Wonder (pictured) one year ago today was the first such incident in the history of Disney Cruise Line?
Normandy landings
(Jul. 21, 2014)
Royal Engineers in Caen.jpg 30,477 2,540 ... that a key target for the Normandy landings, Caen (pictured), was not captured by the Allies until 21 July 1944?
Gleno Dam
(Mar. 23, 2011)
Diga gleno1.jpg 30,400 3,800 ... that, in 1923, the Gleno Dam (pictured) in Italy failed shortly after it was completed and its flooding killed at least 356 people?
Etruscan shrew
(Oct. 25, 2010)
Suncus etruscus crop.jpg 30,400 5,067 ... that the Etruscan shrew (pictured on a human thumb) is the smallest known mammal by weight?
Ernest R. Kouma
(Aug. 10, 2011)
Cmoh army.jpg 30,200 3,775 ... that US Army Master Sergeant Ernest R. Kouma was awarded the Medal of Honor (pictured) in the Korean War for singlehandedly killing approximately 250 North Korean troops?
Hungry Tree
(Oct. 3, 2018)
The Hungry Tree at Kings Inns (geograph 4572088) (cropped).jpg 30,126 1,255 ... that the Hungry Tree in Dublin is "eating" a park bench (pictured)?
Swimming Reindeer
(Aug. 18, 2010)
Swimming Reindeer cropetc.jpg 30,000 5,000 ... that the Swimming Reindeer (pictured), a 13,000-year-old Ice Age sculpture, was originally thought to be two separate reindeer sculptures until Henri Breuil realised they fitted together?
David B. Bleak
(Mar. 23, 2012)
DavidBleak.jpg 29,847 3,730 ... that combat medic David B. Bleak (pictured) was awarded the Medal of Honor in the Korean War after killing five Chinese soldiers, four using only his hands?
Marching fire
(Dec. 18, 2011)
GeorgeSPatton cropped.jpg 29,800 3,725 ... that General George S. Patton (pictured) praised the tactic of marching fire during World War II?
Burnley Embankment
(Dec. 3, 2019)
Burnley Embankment - - 4197.jpg 29,761 1,240 ... that the Straight Mile (pictured) is not a mile, and includes the Culvert, which is not a culvert?
Jim Delligatti
(Dec. 30, 2016)
Big Mac hamburger.jpg 29,661 1,236 ... that Jim Delligatti created the Big Mac (pictured)?
West Loch Disaster
(Apr. 23, 2010)
US Navy 030521-N-8157C-040 59 years after explosions rang out in Pearl Harbor^rsquo,s West Loch, a memorial of disaster reminds all of a quiet Sunday afternoon on May 21, 1944.jpg 29,500 3,688 ... that the hulk of LST-480 (pictured) is the only remaining evidence of the West Loch Disaster, the second tragedy to befall Pearl Harbor during World War II?
Janice Rand
(May 20, 2015)
Grace Lee Whitney Star Trek 1966 (cropped).JPG 29,491 2,458 ... that Star Trek producer Bob Justman said you could hit Janice Rand's (pictured) hair with a sledgehammer and not leave a dent?
Giant huntsman spider
(Dec. 19, 2008)
Heteropoda maxima 1.jpg 29,300 4,883 ... that with a leg-span of 30 centimetres (12 inches), the giant huntsman (pictured) is one of the world's largest spiders?
Shu Xiuwen
(Jan. 3, 2018)
Shu Xiuwen on Screen Pictorial.jpg 29,252 1,218 ... that Shu Xiuwen (pictured) became an escort dancing girl after her father tried to sell her to repay debts, but later supported him when she became a movie star?
Bodega cat
(Dec. 9, 2019)
Bodega Cat Greenpoint.jpg 29,242 1,218 ... that bodega cats (example pictured) are used as a form of pest control in New York City?
Neel Kashkari
(Oct. 13, 2008)
Neel-kashkari cropped.jpg 29,200 4,867 ... that Neel Kashkari (pictured), six years after completing his MBA, was put in charge of the $700 billion U.S. Government bailout of financial institutions?
Valonia ventricosa
(Sep. 7, 2010)
Ventricaria ventricosa.JPG 29,100 4,850 ... that "sailors' eyeballs" (pictured) is one of the largest single-celled organisms?
(Dec. 28, 2016)
Filibus poster detail.jpg 28,982 1,208 ... that Filibus (pictured), a fictional sky pirate, has been called one of the first lesbian characters in cinema?
Sundial cannon Sundial Cannon by Rousseau of Paris.JPG 14938+11456+2377 = 28,771 2,131 ... that sundial cannons (example pictured) were triggered by the sun to fire at noon?
Wreck of the RMS Titanic
(Mar. 15, 2012)
Titanic wreck bow.jpg 28,526 3,565 ... that proposals to raise the wreck of the RMS Titanic (pictured) have included filling it with ping-pong balls, injecting it with 180,000 tons of Vaseline or turning it into an iceberg?
Bradley Cooper
(Sep. 7, 2016)
Bradley Cooper (3699322472) (cropped).jpg 28,516 1,188 ... that Bradley Cooper (pictured) is the tenth man to be nominated for an Academy Award for acting in three consecutive years?
Fighting Irish (Family Guy)
(May 29, 2015)
Liam Neeson 8,704 + 19,779 = 28,483 2,373 ... that Liam Neeson (pictured) agreed to say any line that the writers of the Family Guy episode "Fighting Irish" wrote – except one?
Waw an Namus
(Oct. 29, 2018)
A lake in the Oasis of Mosquitos 28,313 1,178 ... that the volcanic Oasis of Mosquitoes in the Sahara has multicoloured lakes (example pictured) and can be seen from space?
Hussein of Jordan
(Apr. 16, 2018)
King Hussein in uniform in 1953.jpg 28,275 1,178 ... that Hussein (pictured) started his 46-year reign as King of Jordan in 1952 when he was a 17-year-old schoolboy?
Raindrop cake
(Sep. 5, 2018)
Raindrop Cake (28130238005).jpg 28,185 1,178 ... that raindrop cake (pictured) is a dessert made of water and agar, and has practically no calories?
Sofia Richie
(Jul. 13, 2017)
Sofia Richie 28,100 2,342 ... that model Sofia Richie (pictured) played soccer until she broke her hip in a Segway accident?
Rollstone Boulder
(Jan. 4, 2013)
Old postcard of the Rollstone Boulder on Rollstone Hill 28,004 2,334 ... that in order to save the Rollstone Boulder (pictured) from being demolished, it was blown up?
Nevertheless, she persisted
(May 2, 2017)
Erica Flannes tattoo-Nevertheless.jpg 27,948 1,165 ... that after Mitch McConnell said, "Nevertheless, she persisted" in reference to Elizabeth Warren's silencing during a U.S. Senate debate, more than 100 women in Minneapolis got tattoos (example pictured) of that meme?
Clive Mantle
(Apr. 1, 2013)
Clive Mantle 24,963 + 2,905 = 27,868 3,484 ... that English actor Clive Mantle (portrait pictured) beat up Clint Eastwood?
Lazarus syndrome
(Nov. 5, 2008)
Lazarus, Russian icon cropped.jpg 27,800 6,780 ... that the Lazarus syndrome is named after Lazarus of Bethany (pictured), who the Bible says was raised from the dead by Jesus?
Elizabeth L. Gardner
(Jul. 12, 2019)
Elizabeth L. Remba Gardner, Women's Airforce Service Pilots, NARA-542191.jpg 27,656 1152 ... that Elizabeth L. Gardner served as a WASP during World War II and was the subject of a well-known photo (pictured)?
Jane Withers
(Nov. 29, 2020)
Jane Withers portrait, 1930s (cropped).jpg 27,540 1,148 ... that Jane Withers (pictured) rose to child stardom in the 1930s playing mischievous little girls, "tomboy rascals", and "America's favorite problem child"?
Omid Tahvili
(May 6, 2008)
Omid Tahvili.jpg 27,500 3,438 ... that in April 2008, Forbes listed Omid Tahvili (pictured) as one of the world's ten most wanted fugitives?
TiME (spacecraft)
(Nov. 10, 2009)
TSSM-TandEM-Lander.jpg 27,400 4,567 ... that TiME (artist's rendering pictured) is a boat that is not designed to sail on any water on this planet?
Aircraft camouflage
(Nov. 4, 2009)
A-7E VA-72 CV-67 1991.jpeg 27,400 4,567 ... that experiments with modern aircraft camouflage (pictured) have used panels that emit light?
William Goldman (photographer)
(Jan. 14, 2020)
William I. Goldman photograph 06.jpg 27,255 2,271 ... that William Goldman secretly assembled a collection of photographs (example shown) of prostitutes in Reading, Pennsylvania, in the 1890s?
Imperial German plans for the invasion of the United States
(Dec. 31, 2012)
Kaiser Wilhelm II - 100px.jpg 27,118 2,260 ... that Kaiser Wilhelm II (pictured) ordered plans drawn up for Germany to invade two US cities: Boston and New York?
Bedding ceremony
(Jul. 25, 2017)
Brauysegen im Bett.gif 27,095 2,258 ... that the bedding ceremony (pictured) symbolised the involvement of family, friends, and neighbours in the newlyweds' sexual intimacy, but also had legal importance in parts of Western Europe?
Inexhaustible bottle
(Feb. 18, 2014)
The Inexhaustible Bottle from Deschanel.png 27,049 3,381 … that the trick to the inexhaustible bottle (illustrated) was so widely known that it became part of a common hydrostatics demonstration for physics students?
Chrysler Turbine Car
(Feb. 8, 2018)
Chrysler 027.jpg 27,991 – (248 + 1,728) / 2
= 27,003
1,125 ... that the Chrysler Turbine Car (pictured) could burn a variety of unusual fuels, ranging from furnace, peanut, and soybean oils to tequila?
(Oct. 9, 2009)
Gomboc2.jpg 27,000 4,500 ... that the discovery of geometrical body Gömböc (pictured) in 2006 helped understanding the body shape of turtles?
Wait for me, Daddy
(Oct. 1, 2010)
British Columbia Regiment 1940.jpg 26,900 4,483 ... that 70 years ago on October 1, 1940, little "Whitey" Bernard was photographed running after his father (pictured) who was marching to war?
Fabiana Rosales
(Apr. 22, 2019)
Fabiana Rosales (crop).jpg 26,823 1,117 ... that Venezuelan journalist Fabiana Rosales (pictured) has assumed the role of international ambassador, soliciting support for her husband's opposition party, towards resolving the crisis in Venezuela?
Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi
(Nov. 6, 2011)
IJN carrier Amagi capsized off Kure in 1946.jpg 26,708 2,258 ... that the Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi (wreck pictured) capsized on 29 July 1945 as a result of cumulative damage inflicted by American airstrikes on 24 and 28 July?
Termitaradus mitnicki
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
Termitaradus mitnicki (dorsal view).jpg 26,600 4,433 ... that researchers have identified the pictured life form which no longer lives on this planet?
Akutan Zero
(Dec. 7, 2008)
AkutanZero1.jpg 26,600 2,216 ... that the U.S. devised tactics to defeat Japan's Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane from the 1942 capture of an intact example dubbed the Akutan Zero (pictured)?
Chicken fried bacon
(Feb. 17, 2009)
Chicken Fried Bacon.jpg 26,500 3,533 ... that the recipe for chicken fried bacon (pictured) was developed in the small town of Snook, Texas, at Sodolak's Original Country Inn?
Warsaw Ghetto boy
(Nov. 1, 2018)
Stroop Report - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising BW.jpg 26,455 1,102 ... that this photograph (pictured) was taken to glorify the SS men who suppressed the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but helped convict them of murder?
Chang and Eng Bunker
(Aug. 6, 2018)
ChangandEng.jpg 27,567 - (1,074 + 1,169)/2 = 26,446 1,101 ... that the conjoined liver of the Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker (pictured) is on display at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia?
Air well (condenser)
(May 1, 2009)
Air well in Trans-en-Provence 26,301 4,962 ... that an air well (pictured) collects water by promoting the condensation of moisture from air?
Door to Hell
(Nov. 1, 2012)
Blazing The Door to Hell Fire 26,298 3,287 ... that the Door to Hell (pictured) has been blazing since 1971?
Earth's shadow
(Oct. 26, 2010)
Earth's shadow and Belt of Venus.jpg 26,200 4,367 ... that the Earth's shadow (pictured) can be observed during twilight hours?
Elephant of the Bastille
(Aug. 29, 2011)
Elephant-siderography-LaBastille2.jpg 26,256 3,282 ... that a giant elephant (engraving pictured) in Paris was protected by a man living in one of its legs?
Girl with Peaches
(Feb. 1, 2017)
Walentin Alexandrowitsch Serow Girl with Peaches.jpg 24,550 + 1,661 = 26,211 2,184 ... that the girl with peaches (pictured) married the future chief prosecutor of the Most Holy Synod?
Gallagh Man
(June 14, 2021)
Gallagh Man 26,032 2,169 ... that the Irish bog body Gallagh Man (pictured) preserves the remains of an Iron Age man who was around 25 years old, dark haired, and was either strangled during a ritual killing or executed as a criminal??
Female urinal
(Mar. 18, 2018)
Femaleurinal.jpg 25,899 1,126 ... that female urinals available today (example pictured) are typically used in a "skiing" position?
Economy coffin
(Aug. 3, 2021)
Josephinischer Sarg.JPG 25,871 ... that Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, caused outrage in 1784 when he ordered that people be buried naked in reusable coffins (example pictured) from which the body fell into the grave via a trapdoor?
Zofia Posmysz
(Mar. 17, 2018)
Zofia Posmysz (Auschwitz Nr 7566).jpg 25,808 1,075 ... that Zofia Posmysz (pictured), Auschwitz inmate No. 7566, wrote an audio play on her memories, which became the basis for her 1962 novel Passenger, a 1963 film, and a 1968 opera?
Patricia Kenworthy Nuckols, Chickie Geraci Poisson, Betty Shellenberger, Alice Putnam Willetts, Joan Moser, Anne McConaghie Volp, F. Elizabeth Richey, Adele Boyd, Ruth Heller Aucott, Phyllis Stadler Lyon
(Feb. 6, 2021)
Phyllis Stadler.png 3,826 + 2,504 + 3,421 + 979 + 924 + 707 + 806 + 743 + 847 + 11,140 = 25,807 2,158 ... that the first women inducted into the USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame included a WASP pilot, a World War II Marine, a "Chickie", a Hall of Fame lacrosse player, a world-champion softball player, an All-College basketball player, the founder of the first collegiate squash program in the United States, a professor and a valedictorian of Ursinus College, and a resident of Atlantis (pictured)
Goat tower
(May 4, 2020)
Johnsons' Goat Tower, brightened.jpg 25,703 2,142 ... that many goat towers (example pictured) have become tourist attractions?
(Jan. 3, 2014)
Czołg lekki PL-01 (02).jpg 25,748 3,223 ... that the PL-01 (pictured) is a tank designed in Poland?
Cat Daddy
(May 29, 2012)
Kate Upton at the 2011 Jets VIP draft party (crop).jpg 25,686 3,211 ... that a bikini-clad rendition of the "Cat Daddy" dance by the reigning Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton (pictured) was temporarily banned from YouTube?
(Oct. 6, 2008)
Puzzlewood.jpg 25,620 3,203 ... that the ancient opencast iron ore workings known as scowles (pictured) in the Forest of Dean, England, are believed to have been an inspiration for settings in J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?
Gerp's mouse lemur
(Jan. 18, 2012)
Microcebus gerpi 001.jpg 25,495 3,186 ... that Gerp's mouse lemur is a newly discovered mouse lemur species from Madagascar, and is only known from an area smaller than the size of Puerto Rico?
(May 9, 2017)
Bebe Hot Pants 01 2008 (cropped).jpg 25,491 1,062 ... that hotpants (example pictured) were originally short shorts made from materials such as velvet, silk, and fur?
Oscar C. Pfaus
(Feb. 26, 2020)
Oscar C. Pfaus.jpg 25,451 1,060 ... that Abwehr agent and Nazi propagandist Oscar Pfaus (pictured) once served in the U.S. Army?
Roger B. Chaffee
(Jul. 17, 2019) (cropped).jpg 28,471 - (2,896 + 3,156)/2 = 25,445 1,060 ... that when Roger B. Chaffee (pictured) was selected for Apollo 1, he was the youngest American astronaut to earn a NASA mission assignment?
Westinghouse Time Capsules
(Jan. 8, 2008)
Westinghouse replicas Sep 65.jpg 25,252 3,166 ... that the Westinghouse Time Capsules (pictured) of the 1939 New York World's Fair and the 1964 New York World's Fair were made of special metal alloys to resist corrosion for 5000 years, the time span of all previous recorded human history?
Unexpected John Cena
(Apr. 1, 2016 - April Fools Day)
John Cena 2012.jpg 25,226 3,153 ... that somebody stole the show in Ghostbusters, Breaking Bad, and SpongeBob SquarePants, and his name is—JOHN CENAAA!!! (pictured)
Taylor Swift
(Aug 23, 2016)
Taylor Swift GMA 2012.jpg 25,145 2,095 ... that Taylor Swift (pictured) is the first act to have three albums with opening week sales of one million copies in the US?
Yogo sapphire
(Nov. 23, 2011)
43pearYogoSapphire.jpg 25,141 2,095 ...that Yogo sapphires (pictured) are rarer than diamonds and are found only in Yogo Gulch, Montana?
Camilla Nylund
(Mar. 15, 2018)
Camilla Nylund (2008).jpg 25,129 1,047 ... that Camilla Nylund (pictured) appeared as the Countess in Capriccio by Richard Strauss at the Frankfurt Opera, staged by Brigitte Fassbaender, who set the opera in Occupied France?
(Feb. 3, 2013)
Picture deleted 25,090 3,136 ... that Carmenelectra was named after the model (pictured) because both have "splendid" bodies?
Lord's honours boards
(Jan. 16, 2013)
The England centuries honours board 25,034 3,129 ... that Australia's Warren Bardsley and Charles Kellaway were only listed on the Lord's Honours Boards (pictured) 98 years after they had fulfilled the requirements, due to the lack of a neutral board?

Non-lead hooks with at least 15,000 views[edit]

Articles in the lead slot on DYK tend to get the most page views. In order to recognize outstanding hooks which do not appear in the lead slot, this chart displays non-lead article hooks that have received at least 15,000 page views.

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main Page (6, 8, 12 or 24)
Article (DYK date) DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Death of Nicole van den Hurk
(Aug. 9, 2017)
577,636 + 55,793 = 633,429 26,393 ... that following the death of Nicole van den Hurk, her stepbrother falsely confessed to killing her to get her body exhumed for DNA testing?
Disappearance of Gary Mathias
(Feb. 25, 2018)
268,739 + 45,177 = 313,916 13,079 ... that 40 years ago, Gary Mathias disappeared after leaving a working automobile, to walk into California's Plumas National Forest without winter clothing or food, along with four men later found dead?
Bill Brown (rancher)
(Jun. 19, 2018)
121,886 + 62,806 = 184,692 7,695 ... that Oregon rancher Bill Brown, known as the "Horse King of the West", often wrote checks on newspaper margins and soup can labels—which bankers would cash without question?
Tom Moore (fundraiser)
(Apr. 30, 2020)
215,033 - (21,618 + 49,936)/2 = 179,256 14,938 ... that Captain Tom, who turns 100 today, has raised more than £31 million for NHS Charities Together by walking laps of his garden?
Blood Moon Prophecy + April 2014 lunar eclipse
(Apr. 15, 2014)
32,393 + 115,399 = 147,792 24,632 ... that, according to the Blood Moon Prophecy, tonight's eclipse could be a sign that the end time is near?
Comparative illusion
(Dec. 17, 2018)
127,304 10,609 ... that Escher sentences like "More people have been to Russia than I have" may initially be perceived as meaningful despite being ungrammatical nonsense?
Tiffany Trump
(Jul. 22, 2016)
229,227 – (168,559 + 55,795)/2 = 117,050 9,754 ...... that Tiffany Trump has been called part of the "Snap Pack" for her voluminous postings to Instagram?
United States v. Article Consisting of 50,000 Cardboard Boxes More or Less, Each Containing One Pair of Clacker Balls
(Apr. 1, 2014)
112,300 ... that the United States once sued 50,000 cardboard boxes and clacker balls?
USS Herald (1798)
(Jun. 8, 2020)
101,709 8,475 ... that the American merchant ship Herald served in the U.S. Navy against France before becoming a French privateer, was sold to Britain as a slaver, and ended her days as a West Indiaman?
Euthanasia Coaster
(May 3, 2011)
86,300 14,383 ... that the concept for the Euthanasia Coaster, a roller coaster designed to kill its riders, caused concern among anti-euthanasia groups when it went on display?
Philip Hindes
(Aug. 2, 2012)
59,004 + 20,518 = 79,522 7,376 ... that track cyclist Philip Hindes was born in Germany and did not take up cycling until 2008, but has been selected to represent Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics?
The Negro Motorist Green Book
(Aug. 10, 2013)
36,617 + 29,882 = 66,439 3,051 ... that The Negro Motorist Green Book provided advice on how African-American drivers could avoid dangers and discrimination on the road in Jim Crow-era America?
Compton–Belkovich Thorium Anomaly
(May 13, 2012)
59,267 7,409 ...that the Compton–Belkovich Thorium Anomaly is a thorium-rich hotspot on the back of the moon?
Mining in North Korea
(May 16, 2013)
2,969 + 49,136 - 379 = 51,726 6,347 ... that while North Korea is abundant in natural resources worth trillions of dollars, most of these often cannot be mined due to the acute shortage of electricity in the country?
David González (skateboarder)
(Jan. 5, 2013)
51,032 4,253 ... that skateboarder David González was named Thrasher magazine's 2012 "Skater of the Year"?
Bodybuilding in China
(Apr. 12, 2016)
27,554 + 23,332 = 50,886 ... that bodybuilding in China was once banned?
New Jersey Forest Fire Service
(Sep. 4, 2015)
46,406 3,867 ... that a New Jersey Forest Fire Service firewarden can summon any person aged 18 to 50 to assist in putting out wildfires—and it's against the law to refuse?
Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
(Jan. 28, 2016)
65,267 - (2,726 + 38,712)/2 = 44,548 3,712 ... that armed groups have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since January 2, 2016?
Moritz Wagner (basketball)
(Jun. 22, 2018)
43,692 1,820 ... that Moritz Wagner was the first player to post 20 points and 15 rebounds in a NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament semifinal in over 30 years?
R v Registrar General ex parte Segerdal
(Jan. 15, 2013)
20,800 + 21,832 = 42,632 5,329 ... that in 1970, the English Court of Appeal found that Scientology does not engage in religious worship?
2021 FA Cup Final
(May 15, 2021)
38,631 ... that the 2021 FA Cup Final between Leicester City and Chelsea today will be the first football match in England with more than 8,000 supporters since March 2020?
Batman Province
(Apr. 1, 2011)
38,300 4,787 ... that Batman is half female?
Todd Palin
(Sep. 4, 2008)
37,900 6,316 ... that Alaska's First Gentleman Todd Palin won the world's longest snowmobile race four times?
Super Hornio Brothers
(Apr. 2, 2012)
37,093 4,636 ... that Nintendo owns the rights to a pornographic film?
Disappearance of Joan Risch
(Oct. 24, 2016)
37,080 1,545 ... that after Joan Risch's apparent abduction from her home 55 years ago today, it was discovered she had borrowed books on missing-person cases from the local library?
Baron Kilkeel
(May 21, 2018)
35,693 ... that the title Baron Kilkeel was given to Prince Harry as a gift from Queen Elizabeth II on his wedding day?
(Apr. 29, 2016)
33,393 4,174 ... that Sairat, which is set to be released today, is the first Indian film to include a symphonic score recorded in Hollywood?
No Bra Day
(Oct. 13, 2018)
33,200 1,383 ... that today is No Bra Day, on which women are encouraged to go braless to promote breast cancer awareness and gender equality?
Hello (Adele song)
(Oct. 27, 2015)
32,613 2,717 ... that the music video for Adele's song "Hello" was the first to be filmed using IMAX cameras?
Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (pilot)
(Mar. 21, 2019)
31,511 2,626 ... that a gay former British prince died fighting on the side of Nazi Germany despite loathing Hitler and the Nazi Party?
Sex for Breakfast
(Apr. 1, 2013)
27,802 + 3,448 = 31,250 3,906 ... that Christina Aguilera had sex for breakfast with slow jam and honey drip?
Suara (newspaper)
(May 10, 2020)
30,973 2,581 ... that a Suara journalist was partially blinded while covering the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests?
Shooting Star (Glee)
(Apr. 14, 2013)
46,208 - (20,646 + 10,162)/2 = 30,804 3,851 ... that "Shooting Star", the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Glee, has been characterized as "unsettling" and "harrowing" by pre-broadcast reviewers?
2020 FA Cup Final
(Aug. 1, 2020)
44,900 – (11,515 + 17,012)/2 = 30,637 ... that Arsenal extended their FA Cup winners record in the 2020 FA Cup Final against Chelsea at Wembley today?
Until Dawn
(Sep. 11, 2015)
29,958 2,497 ... that Until Dawn, a survival horror video game, has a game mechanic called "butterfly effect"?
Tayseer Sboul
(Mar. 2, 2020)
28,188 1,174 ... that Tayseer Sboul, one of Jordan's most celebrated writers, wrote some erotic poems?
Labia minor
(Apr. 1, 2011)
27,700 3,462 ... that a typical Labia minor is chocolate brown, up to 7 mm long, and is equipped with pincers?
2019 Rugby World Cup Final
(Nov. 2, 2019)
26,690 ... that today's 2019 Rugby World Cup Final between England and South Africa is a repeat of the 2007 final?
Disappearance of Michele Anne Harris
(Sept. 11, 2021)
26,539 1,106 ... that after Michele Anne Harris disappeared 20 years ago today, her husband was tried four times for her murder before being acquitted?
Malus baccata
(Apr. 1, 2011)
26,100 3,262 ... that 14-metre (46 ft) tall Siberian crabs are being used in experimental breeding programs?
The Great Train Robbery (TV series)
(Dec. 18, 2011)
12,346 + 13,581 = 25,927 2,160 ... that the BBC filmed The Great Train Robbery in Yorkshire, as it was the "most cost-effective and realistic alternative" to filming in 1960s England?
2019 FA Cup Final
(May 18, 2019)
25,906 ... that Watford's appearance in today's FA Cup Final is their first since 1984?
Emil Gross
(Jul 23-24, 2014)
25,861 2,155 ... that Emil Gross set a Major League Baseball record by appearing in 87 games as catcher?
John's Phone
(Sep. 27, 2011)
25,500 2,125 ... that John's Phone has been dubbed "the world's simplest phone"?
Harry Powers
(Oct. 31, 2011)
25,500 2,125 ... that Harry Powers said that watching his victims die was more fun than a brothel?
Natalia Poklonskaya
(Jun. 6, 2014)
25,586 - (1,220+945)/2 = 24,501 2,042 ... that the Prosecutor General of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, is barred from entering European Union countries?
Holden's Lightning flight
(Apr. 23, 2019)
24,741 1,030 ... that an engineer inadvertently took off in an English Electric Lightning fighter jet after engaging the afterburner by mistake?
La Pelegrina pearl
(Aug. 27, 2020)
24,500 3,062 ... that a wanderer survived both the French Revolution of 1789–99 and the Russian Revolution 127 years later?
Loring Air Force Base
Alert crew
Mole hole
Christmas tree (aviation)
Loring Air Force Base Alert Area
Elephant walk (aviation)
Minimum Interval Takeoff
(Nov. 11, 2012)
4,153 + 1,571 + 5,169 + 3,942 + 750 + 5,779 + 3,133 = 24,497 2,661 ... that Loring AFB alert crews would scramble from a mole hole, run to awaiting jets on a christmas tree (both within the alert area), and perform an elephant walk and a MITO, all within fifteen minutes?
Farrah Fawcett red swimsuit poster
(Apr. 1, 2011)
24,495 ... that Farrah Fawcett's iconic 1976 red swimsuit poster, regarded as the best-selling poster, is exhibited in the Smithsonian together with the swimsuit?
Eleanor Butler
(Jul. 1, 2015)
16,355 + 8,050 = 24,405 2,033 ... that in 1681, a white woman married an African slave in colonial Maryland, even though she knew that doing so would condemn her to a life of slavery?
Disappearance of Tiffany Whitton
(Sep. 13, 2018)
24,167 1,009 ... that five years ago today, Tiffany Whitton left her handbag and flip-flops behind when she ran out of a Walmart at 2 a.m., and has not been seen since?
Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law
(Nov. 23, 2020)
24,000 1,000 ... that the Israeli Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law was intended to punish Holocaust survivors rather than Holocaust perpetrators?
Elvis' Greatest Shit
(Apr. 1, 2013)
23,993 2,999 ... that Elvis' greatest shit was dropped in 1982?
2017 FA Cup Final
(27 May 2017)
35,415 - (9825 + 13,350)/2 = 23,828] 993 ... that Arsenal are looking to win a record 13th FA Cup at the FA Cup Final against Chelsea today?
Red or Black?
(Jul. 11, 2011)
23,300 2,912 ... that Simon Cowell conceived the idea for Red or Black?, the most expensive game show ever made?
Battle of Palmdale
(Mar. 25, 2015)
23,246 1,937 ... that missiles from USAF fighter planes started dozens of fires in the Battle of Palmdale?
Cardboard bicycle
(Feb. 4, 2013)
23,245 2,906 ... that a cardboard bicycle has been made that weighs just 20 pounds (9.1 kg) and can support up to 220 kilograms (490 lb)?
Vincent Mroz
(Dec. 3, 2012)
20,846 + 2,264 = 23,110 2,889 ... that United States Secret Service agent Vincent Mroz shot an attempted presidential assassin in the "biggest gunfight in Secret Service history"?
Battle of the Saw
(Nov 19, 2020)
23,083 962 ... that a Carthaginian army trapped 40,000 rebels and starved them into cannibalism before attacking and killing every man at the Battle of the Saw?
Devil's Cigarette Lighter
(May 2, 2013)
20,923 + 2,126 = 23,049 2,881 ... that John Glenn saw the Devil's Cigarette Lighter from orbit?
Operation London Bridge
(Mar. 29, 2017)
22,837 952 ... that use of the code phrase "London Bridge is down" will signal the death of Queen Elizabeth II?
Lyle Stevik
(Mar. 5, 2015)
17,285 + 5,210 = 22,495 1,874 ... that Lyle Stevik's true identity has never been discovered?
Disappearance of Brian Shaffer
(Mar. 31, 2016)
22,412 1,868 ... that ten years ago today, Brian Shaffer walked into a bar in Columbus, Ohio, and hasn't been seen since?
Angel Island mouse
(Oct. 18, 2011)
22,400 1,866 ... that the entire population of Angel Island mice on the island of Estanque in the Gulf of California may have been killed by a single domestic cat in a period of just two years?
Fowler's Ghost
(Oct. 31, 2011)
22,400 1,866 ... that Fowler's Ghost was first seen on the London Metropolitan Railway in 1861, nearly exploded and was never seen again after 1895?
People sniffer
(Oct. 30, 2008)
22,000 ... that during the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong hung buckets of mud with urine in trees to thwart American people sniffers?
2020 London Marathon
(Oct. 4 2020)
21,991 917 ... that today's London Marathon is not being run on its usual course, but instead as 19.6 laps around St James's Park, to prevent spectators from attending?
Andrew Báthory
(Apr. 5, 2017)
21,949 915 ... that the severed head of Andrew Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, was sewn back on?
Razing of Friesoythe
(Apr. 4, 2018)
21,843 910 ... that on 14 April 1945, the German town of Friesoythe was deliberately burnt down by the 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division and the ruins bulldozed on the orders of its commander?
Segregated prom
(Apr. 3, 2010)
21,800 ... that despite criticism, some high schools in the United States still hold separate segregated proms for black and white students?
Bunkers in Albania
(Jan. 29, 2012)
21,784 2,723 ... that over 700,000 bunkers were built in Communist-era Albania, most of which now have little use other than as a place to lose one's virginity?
Brilliant Pebbles
(Jan. 5, 2018)
21,772 907 ... that after dismissing the basic concept as "outlandish", Edward Teller later supported Brilliant Pebbles as a way to shoot down Soviet ICBMs?
(Apr. 1, 2014)
21,722 ... that Fucking was renamed Fugging for an unknown reason?
Peter Fleischmann, The Hamburg Syndrome
(Sep. 14, 2021)
2,384 +
19,252 =
... that Peter Fleischmann directed the cult film The Hamburg Syndrome, which foresaw a scenario similar to the COVID-19 pandemic as early as 1979?
Russian Bank
(Oct. 13, 2020)
21,573 ... that Russian Bank, also known as Crapette or Tunj, has been called "probably the best game for two players ever invented"?
Muria people
premarital sex
(Aug. 27, 2011)
... that although the Muria generally encourage premarital sex, some communities punish young people who take the same sexual partner for more than three nights?
Armenian Genocide denial
(April 24, 2021)
21,452 1788 ... that Turkish schoolchildren are taught that the Armenian Genocide never happened and instead, Armenians committed genocide against Turks?
Dewi Sandra
Quickie Express
(Oct. 27, 2011)
12,200 + 9,200 = 21,400 1,783 ... that Sandra Dewi gave an "arousing" performance in Quickie Express, but has refused to do "vulgar" photo shoots?
Naked (Glee)
(Feb. 1, 2013)
24,040 + 12,821 - 8,234 -7,319 = 21,308 1,775 ... that in the Glee episode "Naked", when Lea Michele's character Rachel was "Torn" over having to do a topless scene, Michele had to film the song twice so she could duet with herself?
Disappearance of Leah Roberts
(March 18, 2015)
19,692 + 1,587 = 21,279 1,773 ... that though police investigating the disappearance of Leah Roberts found her wrecked Jeep 15 years ago today, they only looked under the hood in 2006 and saw the starter relay wire had been cut?
Big Tips Texas, Redneck Heaven
(Sep. 19, 2018)
9,614 + 11,561 = 21,175 882 ... that Big Tips Texas features scantily-clad waitresses from Redneck Heaven, a breastaurant whose body-paint events led to nudity law changes in at least three Texas municipalities?
List of Billboard Social 50 number-one acts
(Jan. 21, 2013)
21,166 2,731 ... that Canadian singer Justin Bieber holds the record for the most consecutive weeks at number-one on the Billboard Social 50 with 24?
Escape of Viktor Pestek and Siegfried Lederer from Auschwitz
(Sep. 13, 2018)
21,134 880 ... that a Jewish prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp escaped disguised as an SS guard along with an SS-Rottenführer?
German submarine U-710
(Jan. 2, 2021)
21,073 878 ... that U-710 was sunk only ten days after beginning her first patrol?
John C. Colt
(Oct. 31, 2011)
21,000 1,750 ... that the unusual way that John C. Colt disposed of his murder victim's corpse may have influenced Edgar Allen Poe's story "The Oblong Box"?
Falcon Nest
(May 1, 2017)
20,954 873 ... that Falcon Nest is the tallest single-family home in North America?
In the Presence of Mine Enemies (Playhouse 90)
(Sep. 30, 2020)
20,907 871 ... that Leon Uris called Rod Serling's In the Presence of Mine Enemies "the most disgusting presentation in the history of American television" and demanded that the negative be burned?
Rio de Flag
(Apr. 1, 2021) – April Fool's Day
20,815 1,735 ... that there has been a bottomless pit in East Flagstaff, Arizona, for more than 100 years?
List of fastest production motorcycles
(Jun. 29, 2011)
20,800 3,466 ... that the competition to build the fastest production motorcycle raged for over a century, and then ended in a truce?
Cathy Wayne
(Feb. 26, 2009)
20,700 ... that pop entertainer Cathy Wayne was the first Australian woman killed in the Vietnam War, when a US Marine shot her on stage while she was performing?
2017 EFL Cup Final
(Feb. 26 2017)
20,694 1,725 ... that Southampton reached the 2017 EFL Cup Final against Manchester United today without conceding a goal?
Salty and Roselle
(Apr. 19, 2012)
20,611 ... that two guide dogs, Salty and Roselle, were awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry after leading their blind owners out of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks?
Thunderbolt (Savin Rock)
(Jun. 27, 2017)
20,604 859 ... that the Thunderbolt was damaged by lightning and then destroyed by a hurricane?
Gabi (dog)
(Apr. 18, 2012)
20,545 1,700 ... that a dog named Gabi fought a jaguar, preventing the big cat's escape from the Belgrade Zoo onto the streets of Belgrade?
Airborne Cigar 20,538 ... that Airborne Cigar confused German night fighters by broadcasting sound over the voices of their ground controllers?
Citizens! During shelling this side of the street is the most dangerous
(May 9, 2019)
20,508 854 ... that during the siege of Leningrad, citizens were warned that "this side of the street is the most dangerous"?
Android lawn statues
(Nov. 10, 2011)
20,400 1,700 ... that Google keeps giant dessert items on its lawn?
City of London swords
(Feb. 5, 2018)
20,246 (=18,902+1,344) 844 ... that Queen Elizabeth II planned to hit Idi Amin with the Pearl Sword if he came to her Silver Jubilee, according to Lord Mountbatten?
Men's parking space
(Jul. 11, 2011)
20,077 2,509 ... that the two men's parking spaces in Triberg, Germany, have drawn accusations of sexism?
The River (1997 film)
(Dec. 16, 2010)
20,000 ... that The River was called a "porn movie" by the lead actor's father?
The Lincoln Project
(Jun. 1, 2020)
22,955 - (1,000 + 4,933)/2 = 19,988 1,665 ... that four prominent Republicans have endorsed a Democrat for president in 2020?
Language Integrator 19,919 830 ... that the Language Integrator is a peep show intended only for inhabitants of the 82nd century to use?
Fit in or fuck off
(Nov. 17, 2017)
19,895 ... that the phrase "fit in or fuck off" – an organizational paradigm – has conceptually been appropriated to other contexts?
Ding Dang
(Sep. 8, 2021)
19,885 ... that the Beach Boys' song "Rollin' Up to Heaven" had a chorus that consisted of the lines "alley-oop", "fuck her", and "big tits"?
United States free speech exceptions
(Jan. 11, 2012)
19,800 2,475 ... that there are eight exceptions to the freedom of speech in the United States?
Dark Hedges
(May 11, 2017)
19,766 824 ... that the Dark Hedges tree tunnel, a popular tourist destination since it was used as the King's Road in Game of Thrones, might not last twenty years?
George Spencer (New Haven)
(Nov. 13, 2011)
19,700 1,641 ... that a stillborn, deformed piglet's resemblance to George Spencer led to him becoming the first white man executed in Connecticut?
Han solo (trilobite)
(Apr 1, 2009 – April Fool's Day)
19,700 ... that a team of archaeologists discovered a fossilized Han Solo in the rocks of China?
Henri Salmide
March 19, 2010
19,654 3,276 ... that Heinz Stahlschmidt was credited with saving 3,500 French lives when he refused to blow up the port of Bordeaux and instead blew up the munitions bunker, killing approximately 50 Germans?
Cow by Bear
(June 30 2021)
19,616 ... that in San Diego, you can get a steak dinner made by a bear?
Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley
(May 11, 2011)
19,600 ... that "That Dress", worn by Elizabeth Hurley at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994, has been voted the greatest red carpet dress of all time and is perhaps Gianni Versace's best-known creation?
Prada Marfa
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
19,600 ... that the Prada Store in Marfa, Texas, is never open?
Guy Fort
(Apr. 17, 2017)
19,533 814 ... that Brigadier General Guy Fort is the only American-born general officer to be executed by enemy forces?
Green Versace "jungle" dress of Jennifer Lopez
(May 25, 2011)
19,500 ... that David Duchovny said, "I'm sure that nobody is looking at me", when standing beside Jennifer Lopez who was wearing her "jungle" Versace dress?
SS Clifton
(Oct. 31, 2017)
19,499 812 ... that the whaleback SS Clifton disappeared for over 90 years?
Murder of Joey Fischer
(Mar. 3, 2017)
19,477 2,434 ... that Joey Fischer was murdered after he refused to take US$500 to date his ex-girlfriend?
Unwritten rules of baseball
(May 16, 2019)
19,457 1,621 ... that Michael Jordan broke one of the unwritten rules of baseball?
Forest ring
(Sep. 1, 2017)
19,451 1,621 ... that forest rings had gone unnoticed by geologists until aerial photography became a common surveying tool in the 1950s?
Blood rain
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
19,400 ... that a rain of blood in Germany foreshadowed the coming of the Black Death?
Murder of Julia Martha Thomas
(Jul. 20, 2011)
19,400 2,425 ... that the severed head of Julia Martha Thomas, murdered, boiled and dismembered by her maid in 1879, was found next door to Sir David Attenborough's house in 2010?
(Aug. 19, 2011)
19,300 ... that a terrible Mouse weighing 500 kg (1,100 lb) has killed three people in Spain in the last five years?
Military tiara
(Aug. 3, 2017)
19,086 795 ... that the United States Marine Corps tiara was designed by the New York fashion house Mainbocher?
John le Fucker
(Apr. 1, 2013)
16,673 + 2,291 = 18,964 2,371 ... that John le Fucker's name probably did not mean what you might think it means?
Napoleon's penis
(Jan. 25, 2021)
18,960 1,580 ... that Napoleon's penis, which was cut off after his death, has been described as comparable to a "piece of leather or a shriveled eel"?
Pepsi Cool Cans
(Apr. 1. 2020)
18,945 789 ... that you can have sex with two cans of Pepsi, though one might need to be twisted?
Whose Boat Is This Boat?
(Nov. 4, 2018)
19,682 - (758 + 867)/2 = 18,870 786 ... that Donald Trump "accidentally" contributed to a children's book?
Death of Mustafa Tamimi
(Jul. 11, 2018)
18,832 784 ... that the Israel Defense Forces exonerated the soldier who killed Mustafa Tamimi with a tear-gas canister (incident pictured), saying the soldier had not seen "any people in the line of fire"?
Radioplane OQ-17
(Jan. 3, 2018)
18,832 784 ... that the Radioplane OQ-17 target drone was claimed to be able to match the maneuverability of any fighter aircraft of the mid-1940s?
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
(Jun. 17, 2011)
23,900 - (5,400 + 4,800)/2 = 18,800 3,133 ... that The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) has been banned by the British Board of Film Classification?
Eriksen M/25
(Jan 4, 2017)
18,789 783 ... that although only a single example of the Eriksen M/25 machine gun was built, it saw service in the 1940 Norwegian Campaign?
Rosemary's Baby (miniseries)
(May 12, 2014)
4,212 + 19,080-(2655+6353)/2 = 18,788 1,534 ... that the 2014 adaptation of Rosemary's Baby starring Zoe Saldana is set in Paris rather than New York City like the original novel?
Jack Sumner
(July 27, 2018)
18,731 780 ... that Grand Canyon explorer Jack Sumner intentionally castrated himself?
XYYY syndrome
(April 12, 2021)
18,678 1,557 ... that XYYY syndrome, a chromosome abnormality in which a man has two extra Y chromosomes, has only been recorded twelve times?
Diethyl azodicarboxylate
(Apr. 1, 2011 – April Fool's Day)
18,600 2,325 ... that even small amounts of dead cat can explode when heated?
2018 FA Cup Final
(May 19, 2018)
26,426 – (6,075 + 9,647)/2 = 18,565 773 ... that Manchester United are looking to match Arsenal's FA Cup winner's record in today's 2018 FA Cup Final against Chelsea?
Rico Harris
(Oct. 10, 2016)
18,556 1,546 ... that after the 6-foot-9-inch (206 cm), 300-pound (140 kg) former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris disappeared two years ago today, searchers wondered why they could find no trace of such a large man?
Disease X
(Apr. 7, 2020)
18,531 = 20,127 - (1,482 + 1,710)/2 772 ... that the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic is rapidly becoming the first true pandemic challenge that fits the World Health Organization's Disease X category"?
National Masturbation Day
(Mar. 21, 2012)
18,466 2,308 ... that National Masturbation Day, an annual event celebrated in the US in May, was first observed in 1995?
The Cock
(Jun. 24, 2020)
18,461 2,307 ... that you can't take pictures of The Cock?
Lost Nigger Gold Mine
(Mar. 7, 2012)
18,452 2,306 ... that the legendary Lost Nigger Gold Mine, first discovered in 1887, was still being searched for in 1930?
(Mar. 19, 2021)
18,440 1,537 ... that oversimplifying a fictional character over the course of a show's run is called Flanderization, after Ned Flanders of The Simpsons?
Law Ting Holm
(Apr. 1, 2011 – April Fool's Day)
18,400 2,300 ... that nesting is not used by breeding Mute Swans but they do use this thing?
Hexagonal water
(Nov. 1, 2011)
18,400 1,533 ... that hexagonal water, a configuration of water that supposedly stops aging, is a marketing scam?
Star Trek: The God Thing
(Jan. 29, 2015)
18,346 1,528 ... that Gene Roddenberry blamed religious executives of Paramount Studios for its rejection of Star Trek: The God Thing?
United Airlines Flight 976
(Oct. 20, 2020)
28,405 1,184 ... that an investment banker was arrested after getting drunk and defecating on a food cart in the first-class section of an international flight 25 years ago today?
Disappearing Model
(May 1, 2009)
18,300 ... that Disappearing Model, a body painting in which a model is painted so that she is indistinguishable from her background, is Joanne Gair's most famous work and was displayed on Ripley's Believe It or Not!?
Toilet plume
(Jun. 9, 2017)
18,287 762 ... that there is indirect, but unconfirmed, evidence of certain diseases being spread by toilet plume?
Wrangell Bombardment
(Nov. 16, 2017)
18,232 760 ... that the U.S. Army bombarded the village of Wrangell, Alaska, in 1869 to force the handover of the first man to be given the death penalty under U.S. rule?
Battle of Caen (1346)
(Jan. 22, 2019)
18,190 758 ... that after capturing the French town of Caen in 1346, an English army massacred the population and engaged in an orgy of rape?
Sigma war games
(Dec. 17, 2014)
18,164 ... that as early as 1962 the Sigma war games predicted that American intervention in the Vietnam War would be unsuccessful?
James Ferguson (Scottish politician)
(Jan. 28, 2013)
14,264 + 3,813 = 18,077 2,260 ... that James Ferguson was so ugly that his own mother warned him against being mistaken for a rapist?
(Aug. 23, 2017)
18,049 752 ... that Romans like to drink out of large noses?
Ines Rau
(Nov. 2, 2017)
18,001 750 ... that Ines Rau is the first transgender woman to be a Playboy Playmate?
Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr.
(Mar. 23, 2012)
17,992 2,249 ... that in spite of being shot eight times, Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. ordered his men to tie him to a tree so he could keep fighting, action for which he received the Medal of Honor?
James Muri
(Feb.11, 2013)
17,974 2,237 ... that World War II pilot James Muri's only means of escape, after attacking the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, was to fly down along the line of her flight deck?
World Naked Gardening Day
(Apr. 5, 2012)
17,935 1,195 ... that World Naked Gardening Day, celebrated in May to promote nude gardening, was first observed in 2005?
2008 Kerry bogslide
(Sep. 9, 2008)
17,900 ... that the 2008 Kerry bogslide was described as "one of the most frightening and overwhelming events ever witnessed"?
Battle of Grunwald (painting)
(Feb. 24, 2012)
17,856 2,232 ... that the masterpiece painting Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko was among the most wanted artifacts that Nazi Germany planned to destroy?
ASV Mark III radar
(May 12, 2019)
17,754 740 ... that the ASV Mark III radar was able to hunt down German U-boats with deadly efficiency in part because of a little white lie?
Henryk Siwiak homicide
(Sept. 11, 2016)
17,707 738 ... that the unsolved shooting death of Henryk Siwiak 15 years ago today is officially the only homicide that occurred in New York City on 9/11?
Boeing RC-1
(Sep. 8, 2014)
17,700 ... that the Boeing RC-1, designed to haul ore and oil out of the Arctic, would have been twice the size and weight of the largest aircraft ever built?
Rainbow Canyon (California)
(Apr. 25, 2017)
17,641 735 ... that the US military refers to Death Valley's Rainbow Canyon as Star Wars Canyon?
(Jul. 23, 2014)
17,604 1,466 ... that male pichis have a penis that is 60% of their body length, even though the females have no vagina?
Commodore Nutt
(Jan. 30, 2008)
17,600 … that Commodore Nutt grew only 37 inches (94 cm) tall?
A Free Ride
(Feb. 14, 2012)
17,510 2,188 ... that A Free Ride is considered to be the earliest surviving American hardcore pornographic film?
Fredy Hirsch
(Sep. 11, 2018)
17,493 728 ... that Fredy Hirsch saved the lives of children at Auschwitz by impressing SS guards, even though he was Jewish and openly gay?
Trumpington bed burial
Bed burial
(Mar. 28, 2012)
12,792 + 4,690 = 17,482 2,185 ... that a 7th-century grave in Cambridge discovered in 2011 held the remains of an Anglo-Saxon teenage girl who was lying on a bed, with a gold and garnet cross on her breast?
Meat dress of Lady Gaga
(May 20, 2011)
9260 + 10584 - (784 + 3979) / 2 = 17,463 ... that the meat dress of Lady Gaga was to be preserved by being made into a type of jerky?
Charlie Aust
(Sep. 16, 2021)
17,461 ... that the last commanding officer of the Rhodesian Light Infantry, Charlie Aust, described himself as "seedy moustache, glasses and intensely ugly" so soldiers knew how to identify him?
1900 English beer poisoning
(March 21 and 23, 2018)
13017+4425=17,452 364 ... that the 1900 English beer poisoning, in which more than 6,000 drinkers were poisoned by arsenic, was misdiagnosed for months as alcoholic neuritis?
Emery ball, Russ Ford, Ray Keating, Ed Sweeney, Cy Falkenberg, Earle Gardner
(May 15, 2021)
12,531 + 1,406 + 1,317 + 814 + 737 + 594 = 17,399 725 ... that Russ Ford developed the emery ball pitch and taught it to Ed Sweeney and Earle Gardner, who taught it to Cy Falkenberg, before it was outlawed by Major League Baseball when Ray Keating was caught using it?
(October 26, 2020)
17,336 722 .. that when the army of Spendius was surrounded, his men ate their horses, their prisoners, and then their slaves before forcing him to negotiate?
1111 Lincoln Road
(Jan. 6, 2012)
17,300 2,165 ... that a parking garage in Miami Beach was described as having a "stunning" design and has hosted weddings, wine tastings, and dinner parties?
Canadian Idiot
(Jul. 1, 2021)
17,272 720 ... that the song "Canadian Idiot" satirizes American xenophobia?
Hooks Island
(Oct. 2, 2020)
17,246 718 ... that unauthorized persons are not allowed to go to Hooks Island?
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
17,200 ... that humpbacked elves are rarely seen because their bodies are microscopic?
Lighthouse and naval vessel urban legend
(Sep. 24, 2011)
17,200 1,433 ... that the Military Officers Association of America reports that the "I'm a lighthouse. Your call" urban legend is forwarded to the organization an average of three times a day?
Hypoalgesic effect of swearing
(Aug. 21, 2013)
15,818 + 1,368 = 17,186 ... that you should swear when you hurt yourself?
D. J. Wilson
2017–18 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team
(June 23, 2017)
15,699 + 1,364=17,063 718.4 ... that D. J. Wilson entered the 2017 NBA draft rather than staying in college and playing for the 2017–18 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team?
Stefanie Rabatsch
(May 2012)
15,181 + 1,849 = 17,030 2,129 ... that Adolf Hitler was so hopelessly in love with Stefanie Isak when he was a teenager that he planned to kill both her and himself in the Danube?
Béatrice Saubin
(Nov. 6, 2017)
17,024 709 ... that the Malaysian High Court sentenced 22-year-old Frenchwoman Béatrice Saubin to death by hanging for smuggling 534 grams (1.177 lb) of pure grade heroin?
The Black Swan, Oldstead
(Oct. 26, 2017)
17,021 709 ... that The Black Swan at Oldstead is rated the best restaurant in the world by TripAdvisor?
The Story of Menstruation
(Apr. 1, 2009 – April Fool's Day)
17,000 ... that in Disney's animated film The Story of Menstruation, the flow is snow white?
Hanging Sword Alley
(Mar. 9, 2018)
16,955 706 ... that Hanging Sword Alley was also known as "Blood Bowl Alley" after its infamous night life?
Satanic nightjar
(Nov. 20, 2019)
16,933 705 ... that the Satanic nightjar can make a growling noise when disturbed?
Jacqueline Voltaire
(May 12, 2008)
16,900 ... that British actress Jacqueline Voltaire won a "most bizarre sex scene" award in 2005 for her performance in the Mexican film Matando Cabos?
Clubfoot George
(Apr. 1, 2011)
16,900 2,112 ... that Clubfoot George was executed by vigilantes because they believed that he was innocent?
Black Destroyer
(Nov 15, 2016)
16,715 ... that the short story "Black Destroyer" was the basis for A. E. van Vogt's lawsuit against 20th Century Fox, as the plot of the movie Alien matched it so closely?
This (fly)
(Dec 12, 2017)
16,704 696 ... that This is found in southern Australia, is attracted to decomposing seaweed, and has an unusual mating position?
Cheese slaw
(Oct. 6, 2016)
16,686 695 ... that cheese slaw is sometimes used as a topping for hot dogs?
Disappearance of Nicole Morin
(Nov. 16, 2020)
16,626 692 ... that despite the biggest missing-person investigation in the history of the Toronto Police Service, no physical evidence regarding the 1985 disappearance of Nicole Morin was ever found?
Revolt of the Admirals
(September 30, 2020)
16,365 682 ... that in 1949 the admirals were revolting?
Marvel Swimsuit Special
(June 19, 2019)
16,256 677 ... that Marvel Comics published a parody of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring artwork of superheroes in bathing suits?
Alien Spidy
(Apr. 1, 2015 – April Fool's Day)
15,039 + 1,553 = 16,592 ... that extraterrestrial spiders have only six legs?
Project Camelot
(Mar. 19, 2015)
15,260 + 1,311 = 16,571 ... that the U.S. Army cancelled Project Camelot on the day Congress began investigating it?
Tsutomu Yamaguchi
(Mar. 31, 2009)
16,500 ... that Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the only known survivor of the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II?
Ate my balls
(Apr. 1, 2021)
16,416 ... that Mr. Spock ate my balls?
Huey Long
(Oct. 2, 2020)
18,984 - (2,255 + 2,998)/2 = 16,358 681 ... that President Franklin D. Roosevelt regarded Senator Huey Long of Louisiana as "one of the two most dangerous men in America"?
John 3:7 (sign)
(Aug. 18, 2009)
16,300 ...that John 3:7, once flung from a train window, made the news again in 2009 after going missing on a train?
The Big Bend
(Jul. 25, 2017)</small
16,299 1,358 ... that The Big Bend, which would be the world's longest building if built, was designed to circumvent zoning regulations?
Disappearance of Asha Kreimer
(September 2, 2016)
16,293 679 ... that Asha Kreimer disappeared on her way to the restroom of the Rollerville Cafe in Flumeville?
Triathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's
(Aug. 18, 2016)
17553 - (1834+749) /2 = 16,262 ... that Jonathan Brownlee collapsed almost immediately after crossing the finish line at the men's triathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics?
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – An 80th Birthday Portrait
(Sep. 7, 2016)
16,141 673 ... that following the arrest of Rolf Harris, no one knows the location of his painting, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – An 80th Birthday Portrait?
(Jan 3, 2017)
16,119 672 ... that when Seymour Cray designed the Cray-3 supercomputer, he insisted that the processor fit into a 1-cubic-foot (0.028 m3) block?
Polynesian Dog
(Mar. 24, 2017)
16,104 671 ... that the extinct Polynesian Dog never became feral because of the scarcity of food in the forests of Polynesia?
State v. Linkhaw
(Apr. 7, 2021)
16,081 1,341 ... that in State v. Linkhaw, the North Carolina Supreme Court reversed the conviction of a man who sang so badly in church that a jury had found him guilty of "disturbing a religious congregation"?
(Mar. 6, 2012)
16,035 2,004 ... that the Italian island of Montecristo, although 10.39 km2 (4.01 sq mi) in area, is almost deserted, having only two stable inhabitants?
(Aug. 4, 2014)
12,641 + 3,386 = 16,027 1,334 ... that there ain't no more?
Roy Wiggins
(Jun. 21, 2017)
16,014 667 ... that Roy Wiggins claimed to have ruined 80 million records?
John Hervey, 7th Marquess of Bristol
(Nov. 17, 2016)
15,980 665 ... that the 7th Marquess of Bristol once reportedly opened a fridge door by blasting it with a shotgun?
Ilse Hess
(Apr. 21, 2017)
15,944 664 ... that Ilse Hess, who was one of the first women to study at the University of Munich, remained a committed Nazi after World War II?
(Apr. 1, 2011 – April Fool's Day)
15,900 1,987 ... that Ntrepid was paid $2.76 million by the U.S. military to create sock puppets?
Death of Margaret Martin (Oct. 6-7, 2015) 15,865 755 ... that after the death of Margaret Martin in 1938, plainclothes police officers attended her funeral in the hopes of spotting possible suspects?
Maurice (emperor)
(Aug. 14, 2018)
15,838 660 ... that the deposed Byzantine emperor Maurice was forced to watch his six sons executed before he was beheaded himself?
Samson Isberg
Murder of Knut Grøte
(Apr. 4, 2012)
1,977 ... that Samson Isberg's last beheadings were attended by about 5,000 spectators?
Hermann Hogeback
(Dec. 20, 2012)
14,668 + 1,145 = 15,813 1,318 ... that Hermann Hogeback's entire bomber crew was decorated with the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross during World War II, a unique distinction in the Luftwaffe?
Lepiota brunneoincarnata
(Nov. 7, 2017)
15,806 659 ... that people have been poisoned after mistaking the deadly dapperling for the grey knight?
Megapenthes lugens
(Jun. 27, 2010)
15,800 ... that the Queen's executioner lives in Windsor Great Park and feeds on weevils and nectar?
List of United States Presidents by net worth
(Aug. 29, 2012)
10,613 + 5,176 = 15,789 1,973 ... that Harry Truman was the poorest U.S. President since 1929?
Abraham Lincoln's hearse
(Mar. 22, 2017)
15,759 1,313 ... that Abraham Lincoln's "immense" hearse was escorted by 160,000 people as it was drawn through New York City?
MTB 345
(Nov. 15, 2012)
14,168 + 1,576 = 15,744 1,989 ... that the Norwegian-British crew of MTB 345 were tortured and executed as a result of Adolf Hitler's Commando Order?
25 Luglio
(Jul. 25, 2013)
14,851 + 873 = 15,724 1,966 ... that on 25 July 1943, the Gran Consiglio del Fascismo asked the king to reassume power, provoking the fall of Italian Fascism and the arrest of Mussolini?
List of British colours lost in battle
(Sep. 14, 2020)
15,707 ... that the last British colour lost in battle was in 1880?
Boise homosexuality scandal
(Jun. 9, 2009)
15,700 ... that a sex scandal in Boise, Idaho, in 1955 resulted in almost 1,500 people being interviewed and a list of 500 suspected homosexuals?
White Tights
(Dec. 9, 2008)
15,700 1,962 ... that White Tights are mysterious blonde female snipers from the Baltic states who have supposedly fought against the Russian Army in various conflicts?
The Rolling Stones
(Oct. 9, 2017)
15,637 652 ... that The Rolling Stones are a British rock band? Okay, you probably did...
Searchlight Control radar
(Feb. 19, 2018)
15,626 686 ... that British Army researchers developed SLC radar in their spare time after they grew tired of watching how "searchlight beams swung wildly about the sky but rarely found and held a target"?
Tyrannasorus rex
(Feb. 1, 2013)
15,612 1,952 ... that Tyrannasorus rex had wings and six legs?
Death of Alloura Wells, Murder of Tess Richey, 2010–2017 Toronto serial homicides
(Jun. 19, 2018)
4,140 + 3,824 + 7,646 = 15,610 650 ... that the deaths of Alloura Wells and Tess Richey, reported one day apart, renewed fears of a serial killer in Toronto's gay village?
Jerry Hardin
(Jan. 11, 2012)
15,600 1,950 ... that Deep Throat's daughter is Monk's wife?
(Aug. 27, 2015)
15,598 ... that Banksy described his Dismaland as a "family theme park unsuitable for children"?
The Delectable Negro
(Aug. 22, 2020)
15,581 ... that The Delectable Negro describes how Nat Turner's body was turned into "medicinal" grease?
Cake and Cunnilingus Day
(Apr. 1, 2021)
15,555 1,296 ... that 14 April is Cake and Cunnilingus Day?
Batman and Harley Quinn
(June 26, 2017)
15,542 648 ... that in Batman and Harley Quinn, Kevin Conroy reprises his role as Batman?
Salar del Hombre Muerto
(June. 11, 2019)
15,529 ... that the Salt Pan of the Dead Man is one of the most important sources of lithium in the world?
Faces of Meth
(Feb. 1, 2011)
15,505 ... that the Faces of Meth project shows before-and-after images documenting physical deterioration caused by meth use?
TSS The Queen
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
15,500 ... that The Queen was captured by the Germans in 1916?
(May 25, 2011)
15,500 ... that the icon of "the Death of Death" is popular in South India?
Disney bomb
(Jun. 22, 2011)
15,500 2,583 ... that the Disney bomb of the Second World War is thought to have been inspired by the Walt Disney cartoon Victory Through Air Power?
Escape from Tomorrow
(Jan. 29, 2013)
13,665 + 2,462 - (869 + 403)/2 = 15,491 1,936 ... that Escape from Tomorrow was covertly filmed on location at Disneyland and Walt Disney World without Disney's permission or knowledge, using iPhones to store scripts and schedules and record sound?
Viking raid on Seville (844)(May 2, 2017) 15,471 645 ... that when the Vikings occupied Seville in 844, they tried unsuccessfully to burn the city's great mosque?
The Boat Race 2008
(Jul. 21, 2014)
1,176 + 14,294 = 15,470 1,263 ... that the 2008 Boat Race featured the oldest ever competitor, a 36-year-old?
Abortion in Latvia
(Jun. 22, 2013)
15,446 1,931 ... that in 1991 there were 34,633 births and 44,886 abortions in Latvia?
How Am I Supposed to Kill You If You Have All the Guns?
(Jun. 26, 2009)
15,441 ... that How Am I Supposed to Kill You If You Have All the Guns? was described as "disgusting" by the parents of one of its creators?
Frontier Series
(Apr. 1, 2014)
13,354 + 2,058 = 15,402 ... that Canada's new money features too much pornography and not enough women?
USCGC Chincoteague (WPB-1320),
MY Titanic
(Apr. 1, 2011)
8,592 +
6,800 = 15,392
1,924 ... that in 2010, three survivors of the Titanic were rescued by the USCGC Chincoteague?
Dylan Penn
(Sep. 9, 2014)
12,213 + 3,149 = 15,362 1,340 ... that Dylan Penn—daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright—declined a US$150,000 offer to pose for a Playboy cover, but later appeared nude behind a $6000 Fendi bag on a treats! cover?
Cheating in baseball
(Jul. 1, 2021)
15,337 1,278 ... that pitchers are cheating in baseball with a glue invented for strongmen to hold Atlas balls?
Murder of Leigh Leigh
(Aug. 21, 2014)
12,398 + 2906 = 15,304 1,275 ... that the murder of 14-year-old schoolgirl Leigh Leigh inspired a theatrical play that was later adapted into a feature film?'
(Jul. 22, 2013)
28,590 - 13,332 = 15,258 1,272 ... that, in case of a Sharknado, a National Weather Service representative recommended staying indoors "whether sharks are raining down or not"?
Charlotte McKinney
(Mar. 11, 2015)
12,382 + 4,663 - (1,292 + 2,415) / 2 = 15,192 1,266 ... that model Charlotte McKinney became "insta-famous" by posting pictures to Instagram?
IM 67118
(Jul. 11, 2019)
15,165 632 ... that a clay tablet at the National Museum of Iraq, dated to c. 1770 BCE, shows a calculation that uses the Pythagorean theorem—twelve centuries prior to the birth of Pythagoras?
Cut Sleeve
(Apr. 1, 2016)
15,159 1,895 ... that He was gay?
Yuri Gagarin
(Jul. 21, 2019)
35,088 - (29,117 + 10,771)/2 = 15,144 631 ... that pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space and first to orbit the Earth, ejected from his descending spacecraft at an altitude of about 7,000 metres (23,000 ft)?
2019 Saudi Arabia mass execution
(Jun. 26, 2019)
15,115 629 ... that the 37 civilians beheaded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in April 2019 included at least three who were minors at the time of their arrest?
Harry Bush (artist)
(Dec. 19, 2017)
14,853 + 182 = 15,035 ... that Harry Bush obsessed that if anyone found out he was a gay erotic artist he would lose his American military pension?
Free Republic of Nias
(Jun. 18, 2020)
15,011 ... that a group of escaped German prisoners established a short-lived Nazi state in the Dutch East Indies?

DYK page view leaders by month (over 416.7 views per hour)[edit]

NOTE: Per the discussion at Wikipedia talk:Did you know/Statistics, we have adjusted the threshold for inclusion on this page. As of December 1, hooks qualify if they received a minimum of 5,000 page views while appearing in a 12-hour queue or 10,000 page views during a 24-hour queue. This equates to 416.7 page views per hour, and for hooks displayed for any other length of time, the governing threshold is thus 416.7 views per hour.

October 2021[edit]

Last updated: 02:59, 15 October 2021 (UTC)

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Anne Wyllie No image[a] 42,308 1,762.8 ... that Anne Wyllie, also known as the "Spit Queen", now has a Wikipedia biography because a healthcare executive asked who she was?
Jimmy Carter JimmyCarterPortrait (cropped).jpg 61,238 - (15,344 + 28,811)/2 = 38,660.5 1610.9

... that Jimmy Carter reported that he had seen a UFO?

Mondeghili Mondeghili traditional shape.jpg 29,400 1,225.0 ... that mondeghili (pictured) became popular during the Spanish domination of the Duchy of Milan?
John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant John Oliver Memorial Sign.jpg 27,144 1,131.0 ... that after John Oliver remarked that "the city of Danbury, Connecticut, can eat my whole ass", they named a sewage plant after him?
Sobekneferu Statue of Sobekneferu (Berlin Egyptian Museum 14475).jpg 23,119 963.3 ... that Sobekneferu (bust pictured) of Egypt's Twelfth Dynasty is the earliest undisputed female king to reign over ancient Egypt?
Yonaguni Knoll IV 20,505 854.4 ... that a "lake" of liquid CO
exists underground at Yonaguni Knoll IV?
H. P. Lovecraft 24,401 - (7,576 + 5,481)/2 = 17,872.5 744.7 ... that when H. P. Lovecraft was five years old, he was told Santa Claus did not exist and responded by asking why "God is not equally a myth"?
Tarmac scam 19,938 830.8 ... that in a typical tarmac scam someone at your door claims to be a builder working on a contract nearby with some asphalt left over, and offers a cheap deal to resurface your driveway with it?
Schneider's marmoset, List of primates described in the 2020s Schneider's marmoset female in Paranaíta.tiff 10,262 + 6,269 = 16,531 688.8 ... that Schneider's marmoset (pictured) is one of three primates newly described in the 2020s?
Neurocracy 15,316 638.2 ... that in the browser game Neurocracy, players explore a fictional successor to Wikipedia launched in 2049?
Squares (crisps) 14,048 585.3 ... that Richard Osman wrote that Squares were invented because "scientists were concerned that children weren't hurting the roofs of their mouths as often as they should be"?
James Milner LFC Parade 2019 01 James Milner.jpg 15,615 - (1,830 + 2,087)/2 = 13,656.5 569.0 ... that James Milner (pictured) once held the title of the Premier League's youngest goal scorer?
Sharp PC-7000 13,573 565.5 ... that the Sharp PC-7000, compared in shape to a toaster, was manufactured in a factory that also produced Sharp's microwave ovens?
Miles Dempsey 13,302 554.3 ... that Miles Dempsey replicated the feat of a distant ancestor by being knighted in the field?
Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Frederick V of the Palatinate 12,827 534.5 ... that the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Frederick V of the Palatinate included a staged sea-battle between Christian and Turkish ships in the River Thames?
Ivo Herenčić 12,019 500.8 ... that World War II war criminal Ivo Herenčić worked as an art dealer in Rome after the war?
Romeo Beckham 11,859 ... that after the footballer Romeo Beckham was released by Arsenal, he trained in tennis before returning to football five years later?
Amarin Plaza, Grand Hyatt Erawan Amarin Plaza Ratchaprasong May 2021.jpg 6,913 + 4,715 = 11,628 484.5 ... that following the controversial success of Amarin Plaza, Rangsan Torsuwan went on to design the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel in the same vein, but with Thai-style columns replacing Ionic ones?
Elite panic 11,431 476.3 ... that during disaster events, elites will tipically shift the focus away from disaster relief towards measures of command and control, a behaviour referred to as elite panic?
Alto Velo Claim 11,139 464.1 ... that a dispute over bird droppings was connected to the impeachment of U.S. president Andrew Johnson?
Academese 10,855 452.3 ... that academese has been criticized for being unnecessarily complex and in extreme cases, purposefully discriminating and obfuscating?
Black Terror (ship) 10,777 449.0 ... that in 1863, the Union Navy built a ship with an outhouse serving as the pilothouse?
Zhang Shangwu 10,367 432.0 ... that Zhang Shangwu, a two-time gold medal gymnast at the Universiade, turned to stealing and begging in the streets after his competitive career ended with an injury?
Yinshu 6,346 ... that an ancient Chinese medical text suggests that those of low social status will have many illnesses and die more easily?

September 2021[edit]

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
United Airlines Flight 175 UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11 edit.jpeg 152,176 ... that after being hijacked, United Airlines Flight 175 almost had two mid-air collisions with other aircraft before crashing into the South Tower of the World Trade Center (pictured)?
Disappearance of Michele Anne Harris 26,539 1,106 ... that after Michele Anne Harris disappeared 20 years ago today, her husband was tried four times for her murder before being acquitted?
Malan Bridge Françoise Foliot - Afghanistan - 019.jpg 23,176 966 ... that according to legend, Malan Bridge (pictured) was built by two mythical princesses who mixed egg shells with clay to create a bridge stronger than steel?
Ding Dang 19,885 ... that the Beach Boys' song "Rollin' Up to Heaven" had a chorus that consisted of the lines "alley-oop", "fuck her", and "big tits"?
Peter Fleischmann, The Hamburg Syndrome 2,384 + 19,252 = 21,636 ... that Peter Fleischmann directed the cult film The Hamburg Syndrome, which foresaw a scenario similar to the COVID-19 pandemic as early as 1979?
Charlie Aust 17,461 ... that the last commanding officer of the Rhodesian Light Infantry, Charlie Aust, described himself as "seedy moustache, glasses and intensely ugly" so soldiers knew how to identify him?
Daisy (advertisement) 16,713 1,392.75 ... that Monique Corzilius did not realize that she was the girl featured in the famous "Daisy" advertisement (pictured) until the 2000s, when she searched for the commercial on the Internet?
Shadow docket 14,603 1,216.92 ... that Trump won 28 times more shadow docket requests per year than Bush and Obama?
Broken Circle/Spiral Hill Broken Circle - Spiral Hill, Robert Smithson - Q2867150 - 4.jpg 13,693 ... that the artist Robert Smithson suggested that the boulder in the center of his piece Broken Circle/Spiral Hill was a "warning from the Ice Age"?
Shōnanzakura Sōta 13,006 542 ... that sumo wrestler Shōnanzakura Sōta had a record 104 consecutive losses?
TD-2 12,064 ... that Bell Labs' TD-2 microwave-relay system (tower pictured) was used to carry television signals and telephone calls across North America?
Maungwudaus Portrait of Maungwudaus.jpg 11,334 ... that when it was sold in 2002, a painting of the Ojibwe performer Maungwudaus (pictured) was the second-most expensive artwork ever sold in Canada?
One potato, two potato 10,383 ... that the counting-out rhyme "One potato, two potato" is more than 135 years old?
Great Dover Street woman 10,352 ... that the Great Dover Street woman might be the skeleton of a female gladiator?
Musalla complex Herat Remains of Musallah complex.jpg 10,020 835 ... that most of the Timurid 15th-century Musalla complex (remains pictured) was destroyed in 1885 by the British and the Emir of Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman Khan?
Tlalli 6,348 529 ... that Tlalli will replace a monument to Christopher Columbus, not to "erase history", but to "deliver social justice"?
Cu hulu 6,246 ... that the Ming-dynasty novella The Jealous Wife might have been written by the "Master of the Doctrine of Subduing Women"?
Rhodesia Information Centre 5,293 ... that the Rhodesia Information Centre spread propaganda about Rhodesia in Australia?

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  1. ^ Wyllie's hook did originally have an image, but it was removed while on the main page due to copyright concerns.