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  • Frank Morton (plant breeder) (Plant breeder founder of Wild Garden Seeds.)
  • Ira Wallace (Author, seed saver, co-founder of Acorn Community, co-owner of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, board member of Organic Seed Alliance, co-organizer of the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello)
  • Joseph Gitler (founder of Israeli food bank Leket Israel)


  • Crossroads Agriculture (The 31st largest agriculture company in the United States, founded by Stefan Soloviev, son of New York billionaire Sheldon Solow. [1]
  • Experimental Farm Network (A non-profit cooperative facilitating collaboration in plant breeding and sustainable agriculture research, with a focus on developing plants for climate change mitigation. Also the name of the open-source website created by the organization. Founded in 2013 by Nate Kleinman and Dusty Hinz. Based in Philadelphia, PA.) ([2]; [3]; [4]; [5]; [6]; [7]; [8]; [9])

Plants and crops and methods used by farmers[edit]


  • Beverly Hills Apple 🍎
  • BOAZ Pharmaceuticals Inc. - an independent licensed producer of medical cannabis located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • culture of rice (fr:Culture du riz/ja:稲作)
  • Third World Technical Scientific Dependency
  • Inagi (agriculture) (ja:稲木) - The temporary log structure for stook sun-drying in Japan. It has a lot of local name, for example, "Haza", "Inekake", "Inabata" and more.
  • Manufactured Product for cultivating Pongamia
  • MaxEmerge - this is a model line of row units for planters. These row units are made by John Deere. This article could describe more about this product line, give their history, and show a table of all the different MaxEmerge models and when they were released.
  • How Farms Work [15] - this is a surfaced YouTube channel with over 40 million views, possibly the most popular farm vlog to date [16]; started in 2012; intended to show the daily life on a commercial beef and crop farm in Wisconsin [17]
  • Microbulation - this seems to be used in medical references as well as horticultural; horticulturally, it seems to be a process used in creating a microbiota community for soil (specifically, it is referenced within the cannabis-growing agricultural space), but I don't find it defined well; it is also a term used in medical journals and microbiology / genetics as a descriptor of the surface of cells in some way, but again, not defined anywhere I can see; medical references at: Journal of Medical Society [18] and a Chalmers University of Technology publication [19] and the LSU Agricultural College [20] and [21]; horticultural references at: IC Magazine forums [22] and retailers [23] and [24]
  • Musk pig
  • Pinus x Schwerinii - a type of pine conifer in the Pinus subsection; [25]
  • Sardaryan's formulas [26]
  • SoluBor - a water-soluble fertilizer containing 20.5% boron; usually applied to crops as a foliar fertilizer to treat boron deficiency which is widespread globally; a rate for cabbages in South Africa is 500g in 600L water per ha, applied at 2, 4 and 6 weeks after planting
  • Terraculture - a global perspective of sustainably utilizing organic farming practices and local food production in conjunction with the developments achieved through the green revolution and agricultural industrialization to conserve the environment while continuing to yield high outputs; [27]
  • Turanville (Shorthorns)
  • Plant water potential sensor - there are 4 different types of sensors that measure water potential in plants. The information is used for guiding irrigation and understanding plant water use. They are: stem psychrometers [1], stem osmometers [2], microtensiometers [3][4][5], and the Scholander pressure bomb [6]
  • Zghihara - grape variety (List of grape varieties)



Companies and other organizations[edit]

  • BuFaTa of Lingusitics - a public meeting mainly in Germany for students of linguistic disciplines, especially for their representatives (Fachschaft); de:Bundesfachschaftentagung der Sprachwissenschaften
  • Caffeine Social Broadcasting - a live streaming service for people to enjoy and create live gaming, entertainment, and creative arts broadcasts. (Initiated no later than August 10, 2018)
  • Clandestine Reporters Working Group - Alexandria, Virginia-based company providing security and intelligence training to journalists and human rights workers. The company specializes in non-digital tradecraft, such as handwritten encryption, counter-surveillance on foot and on public transport, setting up armor and modular vests, and planning missions for journalists operating in hostile environments. Curricula and schedule: [28] Review of Cryptography workshop: [29]
  • Corridor Communications, Inc. (or CCI Wireless -
  • Department of Homeland Security's SAFECOM initiative - an initiative that requires radio interoperability and P25 standards for public safety agencies.
  • Doogee - produces cost-effective smart phones and is quickly gaining popularity for cheap yet high-quality smart phones. (comment: easily the next LTG)
  • Elk Antennas - designs and builds compact Log Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDA) for amateur radio, commercial and military use; founded in 1995;
  • FYI Brand Group - A full-service 360-degree PR and brand strategy agency that specializes in crafting a multi-faceted and individually tailored experience for each of its clients, creating boundary-pushing content and innovative storytelling through the fields of public relations, brand positioning, digital and social media development and the building of strategic partnerships to position our talent as undeniable leaders in pop culture. Founded in 2001, by Tammy Brook, FYI immerses its clients in all aspects of entertainment, fashion, music, sports and culture. We sit at the intersection of pop culture and ensure our clients brands are woven into these cross-genre platforms. [30] [31] [32]
  • Inkspin1 - one of the first companies to produce custom Skype and SIP software set-top-boxes and media players
  • Integrics - a UK-based software engineering company providing telecommunications software worldwide
  • Kveller - Jewish parenting news site. Website:

Doğal Taş Bileklik - Gerçek doğal taş yearly seminar featuring high profile guests who meet to discuss the importance and




  • 2BESS switch - electrical telephone switch similar to 1AESS but smaller; also, setup a redirect for 2BESS pointing to 2BESS switch
  • airwave device - a device that uses high-speed Internet to broadcast a cellular signal; used by people who live outside their coverage area or for any other reason they would not normally have cell phone signal in their home
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-617 - Inband DCE Control for Asynchronous DTE–DCE Interfaces, list of modem AT commands for (frequency) band management
  • Baofeng UV-B5 - a well-reviewed inexpensive hand held amateur radio transceiver in the 2m and 70cm bands
  • Black Channel (safety) - a communications channel used for safety-critical communications especially in industrial automation
  • Communication network technology - a discipline focused on the application and implementation of communication networks
  • Communication network engineering - a discipline focused on the theory and conceptual design of communication networks
  • Communications technology - a distinct discipline focused on the application and implementation of communication systems. It should not be redirected to Information and communications technology which is the current link provided for it.
  • Computer network engineering - a discipline focused on the theory and conceptual design of computer networks
  • Computer network technology - a discipline focused on the application and implementation of computer networks
  • Frequency diversity
  • Global beam - a cover of the Earth's surface
  • H-antenna – a horizontal (H) or vertical (lazy H) antenna, usually center-fed, which is an extreme case of a capacitively end-loaded dipole.
  • Hyuckel(s) - a method of postal communications secured|obscured stenographically with diversion, nonsense and bad art
  • IZAR (processor) - Android 2.1 (will be upgraded to 2.2 at December) Smartphone produced by Pantech SKY. Has Qualcomm 600MHz processor. The cellular network provider is KT (Korean Telecom)


  • Konnekt Videophone - a videotelephony appliance designed specifically for the elderly and those with disabilities. References and draft (author conflict of interest noted): [37] and [38]
  • Language icon - an initiative to create an artificial globally recognizable icon, to be used not only web but for real life applications as well to signify "language";
  • LG Glimmer - greatly enhanced version of the LG Shine, by LG, featuring both a touchscreen on the ouside, instead of a joystick, and a keypad on the inside
  • Lumascape - very much talked about in all areas of online marketing, but it does ot have an article. I've not had a single conversation with anyone in online advertising where Lumascape has not come up, and everybody is using it to classify the different companies in the market. Please add this article.
  • Mass Representative - do photons carry mass as suggested by the equation m = hf/c2 ?
  • Metastorm - BPM software
  • Microdiversity - selection of best signal from different sectors within a Cell of a Mobile network. This will be done by BSC in GSM and by RNC in UMTS
  • Mobile Nations - a group of mobile product review, news sites, and forums; includes sites for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Apple's iOS, and webOS; In all, the group has 8.5 million unique users; [39]
  • Mobile Terminated Roaming Retry (MTRR) - [40]
  • Mosio - a simple, free service where members ask questions via text messages, and other members research and answer these questions from their computers;
  • MultiAX - a radio communications technology used similar to the MPT1327 trunking protocol
  • NEC Aspire hybrid small business phone system
  • Network Access Application - per ETSI 102 223, application residing in the UICC which holds a subscriber identity and an authentication algorithm and provides the access to a network
  • Parallel-sequence spread spectrum (PSSS)
  • Protected Spectrum - what is it? why can we not transmit on this spectrum?
  • Quik Call II (1+1 Fire Dispatch tone)


[56] [57] [58]

Computer science, computing, Internet[edit]




Companies and other organizations[edit]

  • Dataware is software you buy or build designed to free your applications from the complexities of storing, connecting and protecting data.
  • Dexigner is a leading online portal for designers, noted in Forbes for being one of the top five sites for creatives. The website covers a range of design topics, including product, graphic, identity, interior, and urban design, architecture, advertising, illustration, fashion and typography. [66][67][68]
  • C-Stick redirect to GameCube controller#Overview (talk) 16:53, 23 October 2017 (UTC)
  • Design for America(DFA) - - Founded by Prof. Liz Gerber at Northwestern University, DFA has grown to a national network with 36 studios and over 1200 members at campuses across the US. From their website "DFA is an award-winning, nationwide network of university students using design innovation for social good, building community, and developing their capacity to take on any challenge." DFA has been written about in many news outlets, including: Huffington Post[7] and the Chicago Tribune[8].
  • Immortal - Immortal the design station, - a brand engagement consultancy, established in 1990; integrated with ONG&ONG in July 2014 ([69]); the firm was awarded as one of Asia's Top Designers at the Singapore Design Awards 2015 ([70]); the firm bagged a Singapore Good Design SG Mark award for its work in branding The Apiary in 2016 ([71]); Immortal's Directors, Saxone Woon, Stanley Tan and Theresa Yong are Associates of The Design Alliance, Asia ([72])
  • Joseph Rodgers and Sons - cutlery company
  • R&Co Design - award winning ([73]; [74]) graphic design studio focused on web and brand identity; its work has been referenced in hundreds of online publications ([75]; [76]; [77]; [78]) related to design inspiration, minimalism and responsive web design; led by New York-based artist and designer Ryan Paonessa;; [79]
  • Trig Innovation Industrial design firm based in Chapel Hill, NC. First fully virtual company to win an Industrial Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America. Founded in 2008. [9][10][11][12][13][14]
  • DIALOG - Multidisciplinary Canadian design firm with architects, urban planners, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects. Formed in 2010 after a merger Cohos Evamy, Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden, Office for Urbanism, and Mole White. Offices in San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. ( Please redirect Cohos Evamy to this page.
  • KORBAN/FLAUBERT - Australian sculpture and furniture design duo. Featured in Sculpture by the sea, rigg design prize and several museum collections.
  • GameMine - GameMine is an American publisher founded in 2017 in Santa Monica, California. The company develops, licenses, and acquires unlocked, ad-free mobile games and sells them in a subscription model. ( [80] [81] [82] [83] [84]
  • JLCPCB - Chineese Electronic PCB Production compagnie. Focusing on cheap prices for hobyists.



Bernhardt Design designers[edit]

Internationally known designers joined the creative team, including:


  • Inspired - Inspired is an independent school group, founded by Nadim M. Nsouli. The group consists of more than 30 schools and 5 early learning centres in 10 countries, representing more than 24000 students. The latest addition to Inspired's list of schools is the British School of Bahrain. [111];[112]; [113]; [114]; [115]; [116]; [117]; [118]; [119]; [120]; [121]; [122]; [123]; [124]
  • Teknol Inc ([125]) is a company working in the education sector, where it promotes the early learning of children. It has 2 applications namely, PREto3 a logistics application for preschool which helps makes communication better between parents and teachers and MySutraa which is prenatal care application that helps parents with pregnancy-related queries from preconception to the time when the child is 1 year old. Teknol also owns a few preschools in India and USA. It also has an extracurricular camp called Fuze Fit. [126], [127], [128], [129].



Fishing, fisheries, and aquaculture[edit]

Flags, coat of arms, logos and trademarks[edit]


Library science[edit]

(what about Libraries and the Semantic Web instead? There should be a little information for that, but this one would probably be WP:OR. Jodi.a.schneider (talk) 11:16, 5 December 2010 (UTC)


no category at October 2016 (perhaps deleted?)



Northfield Foundry and Machine Company -; virtually the only remaining original U.S. company still making heavy industrial classic (non-computerized) cast-iron woodworking machinery, of the many great companies that at one time were sought-after sources worldwide for woodworking machinery. As written in Vintage ([173]), "Northfield has been in business since 1920. They are one of the very few remaining makers of non-computerized, industrial-grade heavy iron. For example, their 8" jointer weighs 1150 lbs; their tablesaw weighs 1780 lbs."


Technology and tools[edit]



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