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Classical Compositions[edit]



Critics, Historians, Journalists[edit]


The requests are disambiguated in two forms; requests for mean we have no content and should, requests from mean the main article has a disproportionately large discography that should be split from the article to stand alone.

Festivals, Concerts and Awards[edit]





  • All Access Music Group a.k.a. Might be a useful addition to Wikipedia, seeing it's used more than a thousand times (name, domain) as a (reliable) source. The Los Angeles Times has called it "an online journal of the radio industry" ([161][162]). Some webpages that might be useful: [163] (at MusicRow), [164] (at Crunchbase), [165][166][167]çekmeköy anaokulları
  • Alternative Music Hub - An alternative music website that services Australian music fans
  • BestMusicLive - An online music webzine covering the most popular genres of music including editorial, photographs, and videos [168]
  • BestMusicLiveTV - The YouTube Channel associated with BestMusicLive, providing weekly vidoe coverage of the top stories in music [169][dead link]
  • buffaBLOG - [170] - An award-winning [30] music and culture blog chronicling the Western New York Music scene often referenced for local music happenings
  • Chybucca Sounds - British-based daily internet publication devoted to music criticism; [171]
  • Concrete Loop - urban music blog; [172]
  • The Daily Vault – music review website; founded 1997; [173]
  • Dark Legions Archive - net's original heavy-metal site; [174]
  • Drooble - Drooble is an online social media and social networking service for musicians that enables its users to search for and connect with other musicians from all over the world, promote their music and develop their talents. The idea for Drooble was conceived by founder and CEO Melina Krumova in 2012. Since then, the company has been working towards its goal of giving a voice to all musicians, no matter their level of skill and popularity, and creating a place where people from all over the world can come together to work on music projects, discuss their work, develop their talents and creative musical potential. [175] [176] [177] [178] [179]
  • - A drummers website with a huge drummers and techniques lists and perhaps one of the strongest online drummers communities
  • For Folks Sake - folk-music website; [180]
  • Hipster Runoff or CRLS (blog) - A popular ironic blog about music, alt culture. Been featured in many articles and posts.
  • Jeff's Musical Car - weekly music show which showcases talented singer-songwriters with an intimate in a car; [181]
  • Live in Buffalo: July 4, 2004 - see John Rzeznik
  • LunchBox - LunchBox is Australia's leading independent music feature site championing Australian, New Zealand and Tasman musicians. Covering interviews, live reviews, album reviews, live music galleries, opinion pieces and more [182]
  • Lyrical Lemonade (Music Blog and media company that is based in Chicago Illinois. Created by Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade has grown from a personal blog into a music video production and concert organizer.)
  • Moxie and Mayhem - Music blog with emphasis on indie, folk, and alternative. Interviews up-and-coming bands, reports music news, and reviews CDS. Growing gathering. [183] [184]
  • Music Ally - London-based music intelligence company focused on tech and digital spaces. Founded in 2002 with industry-level paying readership and subscribers (Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Vistex, and more at corporate subscription level). Media partner for major industry events (MIDEM, Reeperbahn and more). Content includes a daily publication, a bi-weekly report on digital tools and campaign highlights, and a monthly comprehensive report on a specific industry subject. [185] [186] [187] [188] [189] [190]
  • Music Life Radio - Music Interview podcast featuring Jason Everman (Nirvana, Soundgarden), Stephen Tobolowsky, Kurdt Vanderhoof (Metal Church), Marc Maron, Jon Herington (Steely Dan), and more. [191]
  • Pinpoint Music – music webzine; focuses on music reviews and live concerts; features include professional music videos (both live and set) and photography; [192]
  • Pop 'Stache – A Chicago-based online music journalism publication. Their motto reads, "at Pop 'Stache, we get off on music." [193]
  • RapReviews – music webzine of rap/hip-hop related news, interviews, reviews; [194]
  • REH Publications - producers of numerous instructional videos. History? Website? Located at Seattle WA 98103
  • Review Bastard - Band of music and movie enthusiast. Daily music and movie review blog: Review Bastard Music and movie discussion: Review Bastard Discussion Board
  • Runolaulu a Finnish song tradition, related to Estonian Regilaul.
  • Scene Point Blank - heavy music webzine celebrating 10 years (punk/hardcore/metal/hip-hop/more: [195]. I have an article ready for submission if this is deemed acceptable.Lorenspb (talk) 21:25, 19 September 2013 (UTC)
  • The Silent Ballet - post-rock music zine; [196]
  • Trap City - YouTube Channel dedicated to trap music
  • URB Press - is a webzine completely devoted to US Black Music and culture: rap, hip hop, r&b, soul, jazz [197][31][32][33]
  • VogueFM - international online radio station and online community

Music theory[edit]

Musical Instruments/Products & Manufacturers[edit]




Bands, Ensembles, Groups[edit]

Solo musicians[edit]




  • Rave the City - Organization for raves in the Netherlands in the 90's. At that time the biggest competitor of Thunderdome.
  • Selectadisc - independent UK record store; branches in Nottingham, London and online
  • SongwriterLink - online songwriting collaboration community. [257]
  • - [258]
  • Spox Talk - political and social music
  • Subtempeco Muzik - provided music clearance for Traces of Death
  • Sympho - [259]
  • Tap 'n' Tin - music venue, club/pub/bar; Chatham, Kent
  • The Shalizi Group (TSG) - Entertainment / management company that manages many top multi-genre recording artists, DJ/Producers, and songwriters, including Marshmello, Alesso, Jauz, Southside, Slushii and more. TSG provides specialized in-house teams dedicated to talent management, digital marketing, merchandising, design, label services and brand development. TSG partners with leaders in gaming, television, technology, consumer goods, fashion, and digital marketing, creating an ever-evolving platform for the success of TSG clients. [260]
  • Tunguska Electronic Music Society created by several musicians and composers on the threshold of centenary of the Tunguska phenomenal catastrophe, in order to capture the public attention to such an extraordinary event.
  • Viola da Gamba Society of America - a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of activities relating to the viola da gamba in the United States and abroad. It is a society of approximately 1000 members, consisting of players, builders, publishers, distributors, restorers and others sharing a serious interest in music for viols and other early bowed string instruments, which has been existence since 1962. [261]
  • Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame
  • Youth Empowered Action [262] A youth empowerment organization that runs youth activism summer camps. Relevant media articles are listed on their website.
  • Zo Indigenous Forum [263]- An Indigenous Peoples organisation in Mizoram, India for the promotion and protection of human rights among the Zo Indigenous Peoples

Producers, Sound Engineers, etc.[edit]

Note: Electronic music DJs should be listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles/music/Performers and bands.



[286]; [287]

[294]; [295]






Record Labels[edit]



Alfa Moon, Inc.

  • Alfa Moon, Inc. - [494]
  • Alfa Music & Films - India based music label and production house; [495]
  • Ambition Records - [496]; Record label/store based in the UK specializing in the selling of records from Pop-Punk, Emo, Post-Hardcore genres and from bands such as Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Citizen, Enter Shikari, Basement etc.
  • Arsis Audio - A classical record label serving ECS Publishing Group. [497] [498] [499] [500] [501] [502]
  • Artifix Records - [503]; record label specializing in Southern California Punk Rock from 1976 to 1983. Label mentioned in several Wikipedia articles. See BAGS and CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE.
  • Authentik Artists - [504]; record label with worldwide digital distribution for independent acts
  • Bad Stain Records - [505]; Bad Stain Records in an independent record label based out of Phoenix, Arizona that started in 1996. Bad Stain has released 42 albums from over twenty bands, and was best known in the late 1990s for their compilation albums, primarily their “Punk Til Ya.....” series of compilation CD's that featured various popular independent and underground recording artists at the time, such as Less Than Jake, At The Drive In, FYP, The Weakerthans, Big Wig, Buckwild, and many more. The label was founded by twin brothers, Kris and Kelly Johnson, and Chase Rodgers (better known as Chase Stain) in 1995, although due to the fact that none of the three founders were 18 years old at the time, they did not legally obtain a business license until January 2nd, 1996. Chase Stain purchased the Johnson brothers portion of the label and became sole owner of Bad Stain Records in late 1996. The label has primarily focused on punk rock, pop punk, humorcore, post hardcore, anti-folk, skate punk, folk punk, anti-punk, rockabilly, hardcore, ska, and those musical styles closely related to the same genre. Active bands on the label include: Numbers On Napkins, Rose Sunshine, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, 946 West, Doping, Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers, Chase Stain, Mr. Plow, and many more. The label is run by its President, Chase Stain, and Vice President, Stain's daughter, Nova Kaine Stain, as well as the rest of the staff, Moe Money, Johnny Laundromat, Justin Bleach, and “Mohawk” Brian. LIST OF BANDS ON BAD STAIN RECORDS: Numbers On Napkins / Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners / Rose Sunshine / Chase Stain / Doping / Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers / Mr. Plow / 946 West / Ask The Man (ATM) / United Magnetics / Swallow This / The Imports / All Mouth No Trousers / Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth / Dirty Laundry / Subject Mad / D.I.X. / Left Right Combo / Corrupt Citizen / Scratch N’ Sniff [60] [61] [62] [63] [64]
  • Beatball Records - South Korean record label, often re-issuing back catalog material [506]
  • Beyond Music - defunct American record label founded by Allen Kovac, liquidated in 2002; released albums by Mötley Crüe, Blondie, Sponge, Yes, Anthrax, Better Than Ezra, and Sammy Hagar. Billboard article 1, Billboard article 2 Billboard article 3
  • Big Element Records - independent record label specializing in electro house, house, and progressive house; founded 2015 by Guatemalan electronic music DJ and producer Dj Toro; [507]
  • Birds, Orphans & Fools - [508]
  • Black Ledge Music - [509]
  • Blackened Recordings - Metallica's own independent label
  • Blotto Records - Blotto's independent record label
  • Blue Dream Music Group - Boutique Hip Hop Record Label, CEO: Dr. Jason Lakatos [510]
  • Brana Records - Legacy record label for the influential Polish-Brazilian pianist, Felicja Blumental. [511]
  • Boosweet Records Award-winning independent label based in Los Angeles California since 1999 [512]
  • Butown Entertainment - Established by Legendary producer Gary Miller (producer) [513]
  • Butterscotch Records - [514]
  • CalmDownKidder Records - chiptune net label; [515]
  • Casanova Records - is an American record company. Casanova was founded predominantly as a Hip-Hop music label in 1999. It later expanded its scope to include diverse musical genres including pop, alternative rock and rock. Historically, the label has housed popular acts such as Lost Factor, Here's To and Royale. [516], [517]
  • Chilled Cow
  • Chillhop Music
  • Cloud Hunter Records - [518]
  • Claremont 56 - independent label; from London, England; [519]
  • Columbus Discount Records - influential independent label operating through the early 2000s; Columbus, Ohio; Don Howland; Cheater Slicks; Psychedelic Horseshit; Dan Melchior; Times New Viking
  • Crash Records - independent label; from Oxford, England; [520]
  • Crossbill Records - independent label; based in Davis, CA; [521]
  • Crown Digital Records- independent label; [522]




  • MUSICAL DEVILZ - An independent record label, Which provides free of cost releasing and give the artist 45% of their royalties.
  • Magick Eye Records - An independent music label focusing on dance/trance. Has released music from Another Green World, Astralasia, Black Hole, Children of Dub, Cybernaut, Flutatious, Magic Mushroom Band, Spacehopper, Spiralhead, SYT, Under the Honeytunnel, UVX. [601][602][603]
  • Magnetic Eye Records - NY label founded in 2011 by Greatdayforup and Ironweed guitarist Mike Vitali featuring artists such as Summoner, Mental Chaos, Ironweed, GirlsOnDrugs et al. which includes sublabel Nanobox Records, co-located in Chicago. This boutique label focuses heavily on vinyl releases and securing licensing placements in network television, films and video games as Greatdayforup and Ironweed have been featured on Xbox Major League Baseball 2K7 and Charlie Sheen 'sfinal appearance on CBS's Two and a Half Men respectively. In addition, the label works with emerging artists focused on new instrumentation and technologies such as Google Glass and work to partner with unusual collaborators such as the College for Nanoscale and Science Engineering. [604]
  • Maloof Records - 1920s American label devoted to Arabic music - had significant cultural impact but finding English-language sources is difficult. Perhaps there are some Arabic-language sources?
  • MBMi - Independent label; founded in 2012 by Bernard Alexander. This label's versatility has brought them recognition in a plethora of genres from Reggae, Hip Hop, EDM and even Soca. [605]




Recording Studios[edit]

Schools and Music Education[edit]

Stage Musicals[edit]

  • Dracula Spectacula (sometimes spelt Dracula Spectacular) - [747]; often produced by amateur groups in the UK
  • The Black Suits (musical) - Music and lyrics by Joe Iconis. "A rock musical about a high school garage band on suburban Long Island trying to win The St. Anne's Battle of the Bands. The story of two teens and their struggle to learn how to be real friends as the inevitability of adulthood threatens to pull them apart. A musical about dreams, blood, Pop Tarts, records, drug runs, blue hair, the St. Anne's Battle of the Bands, and the undying transformative coolness of rock and roll music." - [748]
  • Supertown (musical) - 2014 musical premiering in Leeds in 2014, produced by LIDOS, written by James Sidgwick & Robert Sanders.
  • Fugitive Songs - 2010 musical; music and lyrics by Nathan Tysen and Chris Miller. A musical about six different people running from six different things.
  • USHERS: The Front of House Musical - 2014 musical; Music by Yiannis Koutsakos, Lyrics By James Oban and Book by James Rottger premiering at the Hope Theatre (London Fringe), Charing Cross Theatre and The Arts Theatre, London. A new and original musical about a group of ushers and their trials and tribulations as out of work actors. Produced by Kouban Productions Cast recording by SIMG Records.
  • Rebel Genius (musical) - 2019 musical; Music, Lyrics, and Book by Matthew Puckett, premiered at University of California, Los Angeles. A musical chronicling the life of Albert Einstein and his wife Mileva Maric

Technical and Business Terms[edit]


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