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The TFAR requests page is currently accepting nominations from February 18 to March 20.
Before nominating here, please check for dead links using checklinks or otherwise, and make sure all statements have good references. This is particularly important for older FAs and reruns.


Date Article Reason Primary author(s) Added by (if different)
February 17 Ur-Quan Why Shooterwalker
February 21 James A. Garfield Why Wehwalt, Coemgenus Painting17
February 27 Patrick Francis Healy Why Ergo Sum
March 1 Hector Waller Why Ian Rose Knightmare 3112
March 4 A Death in the Family (comics) Why Kaiser matias, Dhtwiki Sheila1988
March 8 Florence Nagle Why Sagaciousphil Sheila1988
March 17 HMS Erin Why Sturmvogel 66 Sheila1988
March 21 Blast Corps Why Czar
March 24 Seattle Center Monorail Why SounderBruce
March 25 Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, BWV 1 Why Gerda Arendt
March 27 Here Is Mariah Carey Why Heartfox
April 1 Siege of Aiguillon Why Gog the Mild
April 3 The Boat Race 2003 Why The Rambling Man Sheila1988
April 4 Martin Rundkvist Why Usernameunique
April 6 Treaty of Guînes Why Gog the Mild
April 7 Pomona College Why Sdkb
April 7 Beaver Why LittleJerry
April 12 Yugoslav monitor Drava Why Peacemaker67
April 13 Messiah (Handel) Why Brianboulton · Tim riley · Gerda Arendt
April 15 4th Army (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) Why Peacemaker67
April 16 John Young (astronaut) Why Balon Greyjoy
April 21 Apollo 16 Why Wehwalt
April 22 Kathleen Ferrier Why Brianboulton Gerda Arendt
April 24 Armenian genocide denial Why Buidhe
April 27 Uroš Drenović Why Peacemaker67
May 1 Yugoslav destroyer Beograd Why Peacemaker67
May 4 Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Why IceWelder Sheila1988
May 20 Battle of Heraklion Why Gog the Mild
May 23 Turtle Why LittleJerry
May 27 Battle of Vrbanja Bridge Why Peacemaker67
June 1 Loev Why Numerounovedant Sheila1988
June 3 Yugoslav gunboat Beli Orao Why Peacemaker67
June 3 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Why Czar
June 6 David Scott Why Wehwalt
June 10 Mosasaurus Why Ophinocodon, Macrophyseter Sheila1988
June 20 Final Fantasy Tactics Why Bluerfn Z1720
June 22 Lancaster's Normandy chevauchée of 1356 Why Gog the Mild
June 24 International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide Why Buidhe
June 27 Grant's Canal Why Hog Farm
June 27 Mischief Makers Why Czar
July 8 Christian Bale Why KyleJoan
July 9 Suzanne Lenglen Why Sportsfan77777
July 11 SS Choctaw Why GreatLakesShips
July 19 Battle of Halidon Hill Why Gog the Mild
July 20 Siege of Berwick (1333) Why Gog the Mild
July 21 Battle of Inverkeithing Why Gog the Mild
July 22 Anglo-Scottish war (1650–1652) Why Gog the Mild
August 3 Siege of Calais (1346–1347) Why Gog the Mild
August 11 Battle of Dupplin Moor Why Gog the Mild
August 15 Political history of medieval Karnataka Why Dineshkannambadi Sheila1988
August 15 Ontario Highway 403 Why Floydian
August 21 Battle of the Tenaru Why Cla68 Z1720
September 1 September Morn Why Crisco 1492 Sheila1988
September 4 Tropical Storm Carrie (1972) Why Juliancolton, Storm05 Sheila1988
September 7 "Daisy" (advertisement) Why Kavyansh.Singh
September 9 Sardines (Inside No. 9) Why J Milburn Sheila1988
September 15 Uskok-class torpedo boat Why Peacemaker67
September 22 Yugoslav minelayer Zmaj Why Peacemaker67 and Sturmvogel 66
September 28 Truce of Calais Why Gog the Mild
September 30 First Battle of Newtonia Why Hog Farm
October 1 Momčilo Đujić Why Peacemaker67
October 5 Dr. No (novel) Why SchroCat, 23skidoo Painting17
October 25 Second Battle of Cape Finisterre Why Gog the Mild
October 31 Witchfinder General (film) Why Numerounovedant Sheila1988
November 11 Kurt Vonnegut Why Wehwalt KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
December 21 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Why czar Painting17
March 25 Annunciation (Memling) Why Johnbod, Ceoil Sheila1988
April 1 Masked booby Why Casliber, J Milburn Sheila1988
May 8 Julian of Norwich Why Amitchell125
June 1 But I'm a Cheerleader Why Belovedfreak Sheila1988
July 9 Battle of Corydon Why Charles Edward Painting17
September 30 Secretarybird Why Aa77zz, Casliber Sheila1988
September 13 Pilot (Supernatural) Why Ophois Painting17
November 7 1899 Kentucky gubernatorial election Why Acdixon, Xtzou Sheila1988

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